Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Our last day in Hailsham and it's a hot one!

Can you believe this wonderful sunshine? Glorious! We have got our
Toby finds some shade 
shorts back on again and are almost feeling Spanish again. Having taken the awning down yesterday in preparation for our move tomorrow, the only spot in the shade is a couple of metres at the back of the caravan. Even our new friend, our CL owners' dog Toby, is trying to stay cool by lounging underneath. Of course, he has much shorter legs so finds it easy!

I spent yesterday evening baking in preparation for our friends, Andy and Barbara, who are visiting this lovely campsite for tea and cakes this afternoon. I have made a loaf of fruit cake and a dozen little chocolate cakes. The chocolate ones have turned out particularly well so I must remember to post the recipe in the next few days. The sun is out and the wind is just a light breeze. I might even spread a picnic blanket out on the grass.

Our eagerly awaited first gig of the year - Kris Delmhorst at the Con Club in Lewes - is this evening. I'm so looking forward to it, especially after having been involved in her Kickstarter campaign last year. Hopefully we won't get snarled up in so much traffic as for our lunch at the Eight Bells in Bolney on Monday. As a half-way point to meet up with friends Dave and Margaret it was a perfect choice. And I enjoyed the asparagus quiche. But we failed to take into account that driving around in Sussex takes much longer than we are used to so were a tad late, both for lunch and for evening drinkies with Richard and Heather. Sorry all!

I'll leave you with a Kris Delmhorst youtube to enjoy. And see you later if you're going to the gig too ...

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