Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Our first UK week complete (and we're exhausted!)

It's hard to believe that we have only been back in the UK for a few hours
New boots! Don't they look clean! 
over seven days. By our standards we have been so frantically busy that we are exhausted and our diary is still booked up pretty solidly for the next ten days. There's at least one thing happening Every Single Day!

I have bought a new pair of hiking boots and I'm very pleased with them. So far they have only been on an hour's stroll along the Cuckoo Trail, but without any major rubs or chafes. I went to Blacks in Eastbourne where the sales assistant (whose name I completely failed to memorise, sorry) was exceptionally helpful and had a great knowledge of the stock so I was confident in her advice. I eventually chose this pair of North Face Verbera Boots . They feel incredibly sturdy compared to my worn out Karrimors and I'm walking a good inch taller!

We have been given some fab rock n roll plates too. Our friends Andy and
Life Of Jay musical plates 
Barbara not only cooked us a delicious Moroccan-style lamb dinner and provided excellent company for an evening, but also presented us with a belated Christmas gift too. The plates are designed by Life Of Jay and I think they are great fun and perfectly timed. Our previous plastic gingham ones were looking much the worse for wear. Andy and Barbara spent a few days in Granada in March including a visit to the wonderful Alhambra that we were so blown away by last year. As a memory for us all, we trooped down to their summer house to watch some of Nights from the Alhambra by Loreena McKennitt, a concert by the Canadian musician which was filmed in the Alhambra Palace.

Just two days later we were fortunate enough to have another invitation, this time for lunch with our friends Steve and Frances who have recently returned from an amazing tour of Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. We were very keen to see their photographs and I am now sorely tempted by New Zealand. I loved their images of dramatic landscapes and fascinating geology, and would also like to see the art deco towns of Napier and Hastings. We swapped travel tales over a tasty pie meal and then were introduced to even more new-to-us music, this time Quercus by June Tabor, Iain Bellamy and Huw Warren. I am enjoying the sparse orchestration which has an unusual sound.

Today I discovered that Hailsham actually has a proper butcher's shop! No greengrocer mind, but I can recommend the good quality chicken from The Sussex Larder in St Mary's Walk. I bought some Lincolnshire sausages too so have high hopes for them! We are planning to visit the monthly Farmer's Market on Saturday too. Apparently it is held in the Cattle Market - Hailsham has a cattle market? We're learning something new about a town we lived near to for years! I love how caravanning allows a whole new perspective.

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