Thursday, 9 April 2020

Spotlight on Edge Of Darkness by Freya Barker + #Giveaway

Edge Of Darkness
Freya Barker
(Arrow’s Edge MC #2)
Publication date: April 9th 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense
Road rash and Jack meets handcuffs and street smarts.
I am a wandering disaster.
A hedonist, a lover, a son, and a rebel.
My name is Yuma.
I’m sober enough to see the need for redemption, but too blind to realize I already found it.
I am an independent seeker.
An overachiever, a friend, a misfit, and a cop.
My name is Lissie.
I’m determined enough to find acceptance, but too stubborn to see all I need is my own.
We shouldn’t get involved—all the odds are against us—but when bodies turn up on common ground and lines between duty and purpose get blurred, our future becomes clear.

Author Bio:
Award-winning author Freya Barker loves writing about ordinary people with extraordinary stories.
Driven to make her books about 'real' people; she creates characters who are perhaps less than perfect, each struggling to find their own slice of happy, but just as deserving of romance, thrills and chills in their lives.
Recipient of the 2019 Best Book We've Read All Year Award for "Covering Ollie, the 2015 RomCon “Reader’s Choice” Award for Best First Book, “Slim To None”, and Finalist for the 2017 Kindle Book Award with “From Dust”, Freya continues to add to her rapidly growing collection of published novels as she spins story after story with an endless supply of bruised and dented characters, vying for attention!

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Spotlight on Alien Minds by Christina Bauer + #Giveaway

Alien Minds
Christina Bauer
(Dimension Drift #3)
Published by: Monster House Books
Publication date: June 5th 2019
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult
DIVERGENT meets OCEAN’S EIGHT in this urban fantasy heist!
On my seventeenth birthday, I wake up in the hospital to find I just survived a sketchy but terrible accident. My parents stand by my bedside—both are beautiful, wealthy, and super-nice. They tell me that once I leave the hospital, I’ll attend the prestigious ECHO Academy, where I’ll churn out equations for the government along with my mega-smart peers.
So, I’m living the perfect life.
Then why does everything feel all wrong?
My parents, my house and even ECHO Academy…none of it fits. Plus, what’s up with Thorne, my brooding yet yummy classmate who keeps telling me I need to remember my true past, which seems to have included a lot of us kissing? That’s one thing I’d really like to remember, except for the fact that I’m pretty sure Thorne is hiding a ton of nasty secrets of his own, including the fact that he may not be from this world. But considering how my own past seems alien to me, it’s not like I can judge. Plus, Thorne has dimples. That’s a problem.
And worst of all, why does it feel so yucky to work on these calculations for the government? It’s all supposed to be part of ECHO, but my heart tells me that I’m helping something truly terrible come to pass. Thorne seems to think that kissing him again will release my real memories.
Maybe it’s time to pucker up.
“Appealing and engaging. Love the strong female character!” – Arlene’s Book Reviews
This new series is perfect for: fans of urban fantasy, action & adventure, cool science, evil corporations, forbidden romance and hot new classmates who may or may not be aliens.
“Intoxication with technology is the hallmark of an underdeveloped society.” – Beauregard the Great, Instructions for Visiting Parallel Worlds
After spending hours on guard duty, I can finally leave Mass General. Soon I’m tooling my hoverbike toward the outskirts of the Boston Dome. Overhead, a cloud-free sky is projected onto the plasma. Tall buildings loom around me in a maze of chrome and concrete.
An image appears in my mind. Meimi—I never even think the false name Wisteria—lies curled on her hospital bed, drugged up and asleep. Every instinct in my soul says I should’ve stayed behind and guarded her while she rested. Not an option. An important appointment is coming up, and I can’t miss it.
For Meimi.
Of course, Godwin—my boss and Meimi’s doctor—doesn’t know I’m leaving the city. Then again, the doctor doesn’t know a lot of things about me.
Like the fact that I’m not from this planet.
Plus, I’m not just any alien. My father’s the Emperor of the Omniverse, the universe of universes.
So what Godwin doesn’t know about me is quite a lot, actually.
Meimi doesn’t know much, either. To begin with, she doesn’t remember that I’m her transcendent. Even worse, she thinks I’m in league with someone as evil as Godwin. Not to mention that I’m part of a government creating an apocalypse for anyone who isn’t perfect.
Bands of sorrow tighten around my chest. There’s no avoiding the truth. Meimi sees me as her enemy. I straighten my spine. But being her enemy? That keeps my girl safe. So that’s what I’ll no do, no matter how much it tears at my soul.

Author Bio:
Christina Bauer thinks that fantasy books are like bacon: they just make life better. All of which is why she writes romance novels that feature demons, dragons, wizards, witches, elves, elementals, and a bunch of random stuff that she brainstorms while riding the Boston T. Oh, and she includes lots of humor and kick-ass chicks, too.
Christina graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with BA’s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production. She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever, Ruby.
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#StandWithSmall Fab Etsy Gifts for Writers! #EtsyAffiliate

I love being able to support small businesses and try to purchase from independent makers, crafters and artists whenever I can. I believe that this habit is even more vital right now when so many independents are struggling due to lockdowns. Therefore I was delighted when Etsy asked me to join in with their #StandWithSmall campaign. Etsy are sponsoring this post and have created a dedicated #StandWithSmall Editors' Picks Page showcasing their favourite finds.

I've seen several recent memes urging us aspirational authors to make the most of lockdown by (finally?) putting pen to paper and Getting That Novel Started! What could be a better use of our isolation time? To that end, I've themed my #StandWithSmall post around Gifts for Writers.
Inspire yourself or inspire an author friend!

Solid Copper #AMWRITING Keychain
by CoolKeyrings 
Writer's Gift Box
by aroominmyhouse 
Writer's Coaster
by missbohemia 
The Writer Print
by NicoleLawsonStudio 
Writer's Badges Pack
by NabuBookishGifts 
Typewriter Cushion Cover
by MysocksUK
Writer's Retreat Soy Wax Candle
by TheStoryGift
Handbound Sari Journal
by AmberAndRose 

I hope you enjoyed looking through these Finds as much as I loved searching them out!
Click each image or title to visit the item's Etsy page for more information or to make a purchase. All the links are affiliate links so, if you were to buy anything after clicking through, I would receive a small commission at no cost to yourself. Thank you.

Monday, 6 April 2020

Spotlight on Jane's Team by Janie Marie + #Giveaway

Jane’s Team: A High School Reverse Harem Romance
Janie Marie
(Bizarro Universe Books, #1)
Publication date: April 2nd 2020
Genres: Romance, Sports, Young Adult
When you’re in love with your best friend, life is complicated.
When he’s also your stepbrother, it’s a nightmare.
Jane’s apparently a magnet for chaos.
Because now she’s agreed to tutor her stepbrother’s enemy, and that sexy bad boy might have a thing for her. She might also love that a tingle surrounds her soul whenever he’s close.
Throw his two brothers into the mix, dangerous rivals looking to destroy every one of them, and parents controlling her love life. It’s safe to say she’s wandered into the apocalypse.
At least being torn between four hot guys isn’t the end of the world.
Just kidding. It totally is.
But they’ll all realize something.
Jane’s the ruler of her life. No one else.
Long live the queen . . . and her kings.
JANE’S TEAM __ _ _______ _____ High School Romance and Alternate reality for the Gods & Monsters trilogy.
*strong language, sexual assault, sex, stepbrother romance, reverse harem romance. Guaranteed HEA. No Cliffhanger*
“I’ll destroy him if he takes one step away with her.” Ryder grinned confidently. “Don’t worry about him anyway—she can’t live without me. She’s just figuring that out.”
David straightened as fear and anger shot down his spine. “I’ll make everything up to her.”
“Then do it, fucker.” Ryder quieted when noises from the other players and coaches coming filled the locker room.
Before David could switch his focus to the upcoming game, his phone vibrated. His pulse hummed in his ears because it was a text from Tercero, and the way Ryder was staring at his phone, he’d gotten a message as well.
They both looked at each other and then opened the picture.
“Hot damn.” Ryder yanked David’s phone before he could fully take it in. “Just seeing if he sent the same photo.”
David snatched it back, and he smiled. It was like the universe had forgiven him. All his hopes and dreams with her didn’t seem impossible anymore, because his beautiful girl was right there—on his bed, wearing his jersey in just a pair of her favorite knee-high socks and nothing else.
It was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen, but she’d made it tasteful. Or, he guessed Tercero had made sure she wasn’t totally exposed. Her legs were together and tilted to the side, showing off the side of her bare ass.
“I’m actually glad we had him take the photo.” Ryder rearranged himself. “He took a photography class last year, and he’s all artistic. She listened to him about me—no panties. That means I’m in with you.”
David noticed, and he knew it meant Jane was choosing all of them right now. It hurt, but he hadn’t expected her to drop Ryder.
“Fuck, she’s a goddess,” Ryder whispered.
She really was, and David couldn’t take his eyes off her. Tercero had arranged her hair, spread out in a way that made her look like a fallen angel, and her eyes—she made sure he knew this was for him and Ryder. “He’s standing on my bed. He better be dressed.”
“He wouldn’t do that,” Ryder said, texting something back. “He said they didn’t fuck, but she’s satisfied. Lucky bastard probably ate her out.”
All sorts of violent thoughts rose, but David tried to control himself. He’d told Tercero to take care of her, and he should be proud, focusing on the fact that she knew he’d been the one to make this happen, to make sure she was satisfied. David wanted to talk to her alone, but he knew he’d have no privacy with players filling in now. “I’m fucking surprised she’d let him do that. I think about that all the time with her, but she’s always so sweet—I can’t—”
“You think she doesn’t have dirty wishes?” Ryder chuckled. “She’s always reading naughty books. She definitely fantasizes about it, and we let her have it.”
David sighed, realizing Ryder was right again. Jane wasn’t a prude, but she’d been something almost sacred to him, and so he’d told himself it was wrong to think about the things he wanted to do to her, that she became even more untouchable and pure. She became something no one should taint, even though he wanted to do everything with her. “What are you telling him?” he asked instead of blurting out more personal stuff.
“Told him to ask her if she’s ready for all of us.” Ryder dodged the punch David threw. “Careful, you’re already hurt. Coach is gonna baby your ass if he sees it.”
David didn’t give a damn about his hand or the coach. He sent Jane a text, well aware Ryder’s focus was now him doing the same. There were so many things he wanted to say, but it didn’t feel right to do it in a text: Beautiful, baby. I promise we’ll talk tonight.
Ryder leaned closer, peeking at his phone. “Say something better than that. She wants dirty talk right now. Show her you’re not a scared bitch, and you want her just like this—all sexy. Or she’s gonna be embarrassed for trying.”
“I want every version of her, but I want to talk to her in person.”
“No, you’re afraid she’s not going to handle the dirty shit you want.” Ryder smirked, and David knew it was because Ryder had had a taste of Jane’s wild side. “Trust me, she wants all of it.”
David was still unsure, but he didn’t have time to discuss it more. He lowered his voice and locked his screen as Lance walked toward him. “Don’t you dare show her to anyone else.”
Instead of joking, Ryder gave him a serious nod. “She’s ours.”
– ch 10, Jane’s Team

Author Bio:
Janie Marie is a native Texan and resides in her hometown north of Austin, Texas, where she devotes her time to family, pets, and her writing.
Much of her life experiences--good and a lot of bad--are where she has chosen to draw inspiration from to create her characters and stories. It's important to her to create the kind of characters she needs or needed at one point in time because she wanted to create something only the saddest souls would recognize as brave and strong.
Be ready for raw, emotional tales, as Janie never holds back. With her darkest thoughts she found light is still possible, that the sad girl can sometimes glow the brightest. Because she is beauty surrounded by darkness.

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Spotlight on Nova by Crystal Daniels and Sandy Alvarez + #Giveaway

Nova: The Kings of Retribution MC, Louisiana
Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez
Publication date: March 17th 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance
Cain LeBlanc, known as Nova to his brothers, is the Enforcer for the Kings of Retribution MC, Louisiana.
He’s dedicated to the club, but Nova’s entire world revolves around his daughter, Piper. Being a single father doesn’t come without its challenges. Making sure his lifestyle doesn’t affect his home life is one of them.
Never bring a woman home.
That’s one rule Nova has stood by for years.
Until a one-night-stand, with eyes like the ocean, left him wanting more.
After an altercation with another biker, Nova finds himself in trouble with the law. And if the threat of doing time wasn’t enough, Hell rolls into town on a Harley, with a ghost from his past looking for trouble.
Promise Bailey has spent most of her life yearning for acceptance from the only family she has ever known. Which is why she continues to work hard, proving herself as a valuable attorney at her stepfather’s law firm.
Her fiancé commits the biggest betrayal, giving her a new perspective on things, and herself.
Promise realizes her life has become too predictable and mundane.
It’s time for a change.
With the support of her girlfriends and a little whiskey, Promise lets her hair down for a night out to celebrate her newly single status.
One night.
No inhibitions.
No names.
That was all she wanted from the smooth-talking bearded man sitting at the bar. And the stranger was more than willing to deliver.
Little did Promise know she was going home with a member of the local motorcycle club, and how one night of unimaginable pleasure would change her life forever.
“Then, my club has no beef with you.” My brother extends his hand, and Crow accepts.
“Let’s hope it stays that way.” Releasing hands, Riggs stands, but Crow stays seated.
His eyes drop to the table. “There’s another reason we haven’t left town.” His words cause all of us to tense, and his men take it as a threat. Moving forward, their hands reach for their weapons, and we go for our own. I have mine out and the end of the barrel directly in Crow’s face before either of his brothers manage to pull guns on us.
“Tell your men to stand down before I put a bullet in your head,” I warn him.
“Stand down,” he barks, and his men holster their weapons. Unfazed, Crow continues, as he looks to my brother. “I have someone waitin’ outside that I’d like you to meet.” Then his eyes settle on my face. “L.A,” he calls to one of his men. “Bring her in.” Crow’s eyes never leave mine.
What the fuck kind of games are they playing?
“You got it.” His brother, L.A, turns toward the door, but Everest won’t let him pass. “Think you could tell the mountain here to move?” He looks over his shoulder.
“I’m not playin’ games here, Riggs. My old lady is no threat to you or your club.” Crow is quick to reassure us, but I don’t give two shits. I keep my gun on the fucker, just in case.
“Let him pass,” Riggs orders Everest, and he steps aside. Looking down at Crow, my brother tells him, “Let’s hope, for your sake, you’re right. I’d hate to see my brother make a mess all over my barroom floor.”
His man L.A opens the door, leans out, motioning to grab someone’s attention. A tall, thin brunette steps inside, with her face, cast down to the floor as she approaches. The wringing of her hands as she keeps them clasped in front of her tells me she is nervous.
The moment she lifts her head, I’m staring at a ghost from my past.

Author Bio:
Crystal and Sandy are Indie Authors and the sister writing duo behind several Love and Purpose filled romances. Sharing the same passion for books and storytelling lead them on an exciting journey to not only read all the incredible stories they have loved so much over the years, but to write some of their own.
Since 2017 they have published thirteen books. The Kings Of Retribution MC Series -Undaunted, The Darkest Of Light, Finding Solace, Defy, Unbreakable, Lost Kingand Prospect. Also, Leather and Mistletoe, MC Christmas Novella (standalone), Love above Law. The Kings of Retribution Mc-Louisiana Chapter: Riggs, Wick and Nova. Finally, Demetri: The Volkov Empire, and Keeping Denver.
Both were born in the state of Illinois, before moving to Wyoming, where they spent part of their young childhood before moving to Mississippi.
Crystal currently reside in Mississippi with her husband, their sons and furbabies.
Sandy currently resides in Mississippi with her husband and their children.

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Saturday, 4 April 2020

Spotlight on Baptism of Fire by Jessie Thomas + #Giveaway

Baptism of Fire
Jessie Thomas
(Playing With Hellfire, #1)
Publication date: March 31st 2020
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy
Welcome to Perdition Falls, New York: where arson is considered a recreational activity, the abnormally hot climate makes everything unbearable, and according to one origin story shrouded in myth and legend, our city is an actual Hellmouth.
I’ve learned those infernal tales aren’t just a cheap marketing ploy to lure in tourists and paranormal frauds.
It’s Hell. We’re literally sitting on top of Hell. Fire, brimstone, actual demons–the works.
When an incendiary–the name other pyromancers have given to the infestation of Hellfire-wielding demons–kills my closest friend and fellow firefighter, I’m left with a rare power I barely understand. It’s the only reason I survived. It also makes me a target, something to be coveted by those who know Perdition Falls’ most dangerous, well-kept secrets.
While a demonic arsonist puts the city’s resident pyromancers on edge, I’m reunited with my long-lost childhood friend Javier, who shares the same strange power that runs through my veins. With him, I find my footing in a place I thought I knew and buried memories from our past start to resurface. As our ragtag group comes together, we become the last defense against the incendiaries’ corrupt hold on the city…one completely disastrous mission at a time.
But taking down this homicidal demon with a flair for pyromania might mean trusting one of their own.
BAPTISM OF FIRE is a thrilling, slow burn urban fantasy perfect for fans of McKenzie Hunter, Annette Marie, C.N. Crawford, and K.F. Breene.
There was no way to know for sure how long I’d been out. It could have been moments. Maybe two minutes or five. I blinked slowly, staring up at the gaping hole we’d dropped through that was now barely visible through the layer of blackening smoke, afraid to move as my body regained consciousness. Everything hurt. That was the first thing I felt—the pain of bruised, strained muscles, the agony that had traveled up my left side.
The next thing was the heat. The upstairs hallway looked unrecognizable now, a narrow passage engulfed in fast-moving smoke and an inferno that blazed up the walls with an overpowering intensity that shouldn’t have been possible. I’d sweated through my clothes, the fabric drenched, my skin and hair dripping with salty perspiration. My helmet had rolled away somewhere during the collision with the floor, and I knocked into Moretti’s with my elbow once I finally decided that lying there waiting for the house to come down on top of us wasn’t that great for self-preservation.
Shit. Moretti.
Over the steady whoosh of the flames demolishing the rooms around us, I heard the melodic chirp of his PASS alarm. A noise I dreaded hearing, a source of nightmares.
And it got me moving.
I sat up and almost regretted it, black spots dancing across my vision as a blinding, gnawing pain spiked through my side. Like it had torn its way in deep, shredding muscle and tissue and causing serious damage. With a shaking hand, I dragged my gloved fingers over my turnout coat to find some kind of debris—I had no damn idea what it was, and at this point I didn’t want to know—sticking out of my left side. I lifted my glove to my sightline to see it smeared with dark crimson.
The gasping whine that echoed in my mask didn’t sound like me at all.
Moretti’s alarm brought me back to my senses. No time.
My pain didn’t matter, not now. I had to work through it.
Groaning, I stayed low to the floor, crawling on all fours to where Moretti lay sprawled and motionless. Every movement pierced the jagged wound in my side, made the heat and the sweat and misery worse. I leaned over him, relieved when I saw the rise and fall of his chest. The orange glow from the fire highlighted the edges of his dark hair, traced the swell of his cheekbones with deep shadows. In the light, I noticed the bright red trickling down one side of his face from somewhere under his hairline.
I tapped his cheek with an open palm. “Moretti,” I called. “Hey, Moretti…come on, open your eyes. Anthony, I need you to wake up.”
“Phoenix!” That was Ramos, her distant shout crackling over our radios. “Moretti! This place is starting to come down!” Well, shit, I hadn’t noticed.
“You have to evacuate now,” Patterson ordered.
“I can’t,” I snapped. “Moretti’s down. He’s…he’s down, but breathing.”
“The stairs are blocked,” Ramos yelled back. “We’re working on it, hang in there.”
Blocked with what? Nothing about this fire made any sense, so why would it start now?
I didn’t know how badly Moretti was hurt, which made me hesitant to move him. But if we didn’t get out of this hallway—no matter how quickly the rest of our team might’ve been working—then we weren’t going to get out of here at all. On my knees, I grabbed the straps of his SCBA and started dragging him around the minefield of burning debris toward the stairs. I grit my teeth against the pain until my jaw ached, exhaling sharply through my nose as I pulled him along with me.
It wouldn’t have been this unbearable if I hadn’t been fucking impaled. Sweat dripped down my forehead into my eyes and I tried to blink it away. With blood loss and the temperature in the hallway, the edges of my vision had turned hazy.
“It’s all right, Anthony,” I said as if he could hear me. “Stay with me.”
The heat flared, a sudden, familiar torrent of hot air passing over us, stoking the same dread I’d felt earlier. A silhouette emerged from the thick smoke and sauntered through the flames, not at all concerned about the heat or the danger of blistering skin and third-degree burns. I peered at the shadow that definitely hadn’t been there seconds before, watching them take shape, the details becoming clearer. A man stood on the opposite end of the hallway dressed in all black, white-gold reflecting off his sleek leather jacket. An arrogant, knowing grin curved his lips into a sneer. He was young. Dangerous.
He’d been with us in the attic.
I didn’t know how, but he’d started this fire.

Author Bio:
Jessie Thomas is a writer of young adult and new adult fiction from Buffalo, New York. An avid reader and history nerd at heart, she enjoys writing historical fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance with atmospheric settings and dark themes. When she isn't chasing her muses around, Jessie can be found playing with her snaggle-toothed cat named Graham.

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