Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I find some fun handmade caravan items and struggle to resist shopping!

I've been enjoying following Librarian Lavender's blog over the past few months. Suze, whose creation it is, is a driving force behind the NetGalley Review Challenge and she also loves to promote beautiful objects she finds on Etsy UK. I used to sell crocheted items and vintage books on there years ago, but had lost track of the site since. Now Suze has rekindled my enthusiasm for Etsy UK's eclectic selection of handmade and vintage wares.

There are loads of fun caravan-related finds and this trio
particularly caught my eye. First up is an elegant print by snowdonprints of Manchester. I love the reddish colour and the folky lettering. The legend, 'Home Is Where You Park It', is so appropriate for our lifestyle at the moment because that is exactly what we are doing. Another print from the same shop also appealed to me because it was worded, 'This Is My Happy Place'.

Fattadamamma is based in Lincoln and, as we are planning to spend a
couple of days in the city in the near future, I am glad to include this fantastic handmade lampshade. I love the hippie flowers everywhere and the cute curtains in the caravan windows. Hopefully we will have lots of days this summer with the same bright sunshine. The shade is made of natural linen paper so would be light enough for us to transport, but sadly wouldn't fit the ceiling lights in Bailey.

I'm travelling to the other side of the planet for my third find and a
greeting card which is so funny for me because I have such a terrible sense of direction. Dave is always in charge of navigation and, even when I am sure which road to take, it will be the one going completely the opposite way. So this 'not all who wander are lost' is true for many, but not all! The card is made by ThePaisleyFive.

Happy travels!

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