Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Where to find Repsol Propano (propane) gas in Cambrils

We love Spanish Repsol gas cylinders because they are so
Repsol propano 
much cheaper that their British Calor gas counterparts! Our original cylinder was obtained from another camper at Mojacar two years ago. They, and we, prefer propane as it is still usable at much low temperatures than butane (so perfect for an English summer!), however we have had problems finding propane exchanges in Spain. Repsol garages practically all stock lots of butane, but frequently don't have propane. Here it is just too warm to need it!

In January last year we struggled to find propane near Mojacar and eventually succeeded by my interrogating other campers at El Quinto. This year we have driven to three Repsol garages in the vicinity of Cambrils, none of whom had any and where staff at only one of which were vaguely helpful. The cashier there suggested 'behind the Esclat hypermarket'. Esclat has a petrol station at the back so we drove there optimistically. Nope! Having driven round the nearby industrial units, none of which looked hopeful, we returned to Esclat so I could ask at the Customer Service desk in my bestest Spanish.

Tiene Propano? No.
Donde comprar aqui?

I finally met someone who knew what they were talking about so big thanks to the Esclat staff, especially as we haven't even shopped there! What we needed to do was drive to the back of Esclat, turn right down a tiny lane, ford a small stream, turn left across the motorway bridge, turn right again at a rough metal Repsol arrow sign (towards the horse riding centre), and following a further two Repsol arrows until we arrived at the Repsol gas distribution centre. This is basically one man in a small prefab in a fenced yard that contains dozens and dozens of lovely full gas bottles. We paid in cash and an 11kg propane bottle was €13.10. That's even cheaper than last year!

Just in case my directions aren't completely clear, I've put a marker on this Google Map and the blue line is from Camping La Llosa to the Repsol yard. Hopefully this post will save someone else the runaround - or indeed us next time when we've forgotten where we went!



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  2. Van we fill this bottle with LPG?

    1. I've only seen them for Propane or Butane. I don't think they can (should!) be self-refilled either. The idea is to exchange empty for full at Repsol petrol stations. I have heard rumours of occasional places that will refill cyclinders on request, but have never actually found one.

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