Monday, 12 September 2016

Have a very Happy Birthday with Biscuiteers biscuits!

I was excited to be asked to review a Happy Birthday gift box from London artisans Biscuiteers in September as, not only is it the company's birthday this week, but the timing ties in pretty perfectly with our lives too. Hopefully those of you who actually know us in the non-virtual world won't need reminding of the Big Birthday happening later this month? (Clue: it's not mine!)

My Biscuiteers parcel arrived on Saturday, a grey and rainy day in Torquay, and I didn't immediately realise what it was so experienced genuine delight on cutting open the cardboard box to reveal the brightly hand-illustrated tin with its accompanying Open Me card. The packaging is gorgeous in its own right even without any knowledge of the delights within!

I soon opened up the tin though and loved the vivid colours of the biscuits inside. Full marks to the Biscuiteers designers for such inventive creations! A birthday cake, a polkadot wrapped present and two stripy candles, all expertly iced by hand onto chocolate biscuits. And that was just the first layer! There are a generous four layers of biscuits in the Happy Birthday box which, having them all laid out together on our table, truly seemed to light up the room! Further designs include sprinkle-topped cupcakes, party hats, more presents, party blowers and, my absolute favourite, a delicately outlined bunch of blue and white balloons.

The whole presentation has been carefully thought out so there's no need to worry about anything getting damaged in transit. Each biscuit is cleverly held in position by a dab of icing on the back which adheres to the foodsafe packaging layer and secures it in place. Although it is darkly coloured, I checked with Biscuiteers and this packaging is recyclable. (Thanks Lauren!) So, assuming the recipient will want to keep the attractive tin - and who wouldn't! - there shouldn't be anything left at the end for landfill. Well done Biscuiteers!

Now, we definitely need to talk about the biscuits themselves. It's all very well that they look stunning, but a biscuit has got to taste good too. I am glad to report no problems on that score here! These biscuits were richly chocolatey with a similar flavour to a quality brownie, but, of course, without the gooiness. They have a firm texture with a rich butteriness that melts in the mouth. Delicious - and dangerously moreish! My partner did find the icing crumbled a bit too much so I'd recommend eating over crumb-catcher plates. These are biscuits to take your time over, not to wander around with!

Biscuiteers biscuits aren't just for birthdays though. Lauren kindly included a brochure illustrating the great variety of themes on offer. As a literary soul I was immediately drawn to the Beatrix Potter Biscuit Collection, and I could also choose designs suitable for celebrating weddings, new babies or new homes, and interest-themed collections for sports fans, travellers or superheroes. There's even a fashionista collection that Matthew Williamson thinks is 'divine' and, for the well-organised amongst us, the new Christmas collections have just been revealed.

Biscuiteers Happy Birthday Biscuit Box 

If you're tempted to send a Biscuiteers box for your next gift, then do take advantage of their introductory offer for new customers. Simply sign up for their email newsletter at and receive £5 off your first tin. Biscuiteers are happy to deliver worldwide. Next working day delivery is available within the UK and international delivery can be ordered via Fedex within 2-3 working days.

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Thank you so much to Biscuiteers for sharing their Birthday Week and Happy Birthday biscuit box with me! I did not receive any payment for this post, but all links are affiliate links so, should you choose to click through and make a purchase, I would receive a small percentage.

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