Tuesday, 24 November 2015

I love to ride my bicycle! Sussargues and Castries + cycling travel blogs linkup

It's turned distinctly chilly here in Castries for the past couple of days - a
By a disused well in Sussargues 
nippiness not helped by a persistent wind from the north. We had planned to go cycling yesterday, but plumped for caravan coziness instead. However, when today dawned bright, sunny and wind-free (not that I would know. I didn't wake up until gone nine!) Dave suggested a couple of hours cycling around the local towns.

Long-term blog readers will know that I only bought my lovely not-so-new-anymore B-Fold bike in Roquetas Decathlon last January having previously lost my nerve and not cycled for several years. I still can't explain this impulse purchase and why my then-usual panic didn't kick in when I tried to ride. I am now so glad that it didn't though! I do still have willocky moments, but my confidence is growing ride by ride and I love the sense of freedom. I am sure that I get a stronger sense of a place from having cycled around it than having just zipped through in a car.

Today we cycled for about two hours starting from our Castries
Castries old olive mill which is now the Mairie 
campsite, going out through Sussargues and as far as Saint-Drezery before heading back into Castries town for a little shopping and a well-earned coffee. The D26E3 from the D21 towards Castries is a superb road for a not-so-fit cyclist - a challenging but not outrageously strenuous uphill for a short distance then a long gentle descent on a nice flat surface with beautiful views and plenty of time to spot infrequent traffic. Bliss! Most of this area would be considered flat by car drivers and isn't too hilly on a bike. I only got off to push the very top of a hill once - out of Saint-Drezery - and the others allowed us a good sense of achievement. We certainly kept ourselves warm!


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