Wednesday, 20 May 2015

It is raining on my washing but I have lots of books

Dave religiously checks the weather forecast every day so we thought today would be overcast and breezy, but with No Rain. As it turns out, now it is, but much of the morning has been brief showers so the duvet cover I washed first thing (ok, second thing!) has certainly had enough rinsing. We did walk into Hope again for shopping - more delicious Boston new potatoes from the Peak Fruits and a half shoulder of lamb from Watson's Farm Shop which we are hoping will be a cut above the previous two disappointing supermarket offerings. I am definitely getting used to this idea of striding out to 'proper' local shops for real food! And I'm not sure that it actually takes much longer to visit a few dedicated specialist shops than to trawl a big supermarket. Of course, there may be a few things we don't find, but I am teaching myself the habit of spotting opportunities as well. The Co-Op in Bakewell yesterday had diddy cans of tonic whereas the Spar in Hope only has large bottles (which go flat!).

While we're talking Bakewell, we have tried the pudding - warmed through and with hot custard. It is nothing like the iced Bakewell tart! I think we both enjoyed the pudding and it was reminiscent of a treacle tart but without the sugar overload, or a larger flatter custard tart. I'm not sure I'd bother with another though. Like several regional specialty cakes we've tried including a Basque cake when in Bayonne, I'm not quite sure why such a fuss!

This afternoon is looking like an indoorsy time which is actually good because I've slowed down significantly on my reading and have quite a backlog to catch up on. The NetGalley Challenge ends at the end of May and I'm hoping to have read about fifteen books for that. I had got to just one NetGalley title left unread, but then went a-browsing when logging in to publish a review so now have another four, plus the 'one left'! I also have books from two independent authors who have approached me offering copies of their new books to read and review. I loved The Brain within its Groove by L.N.Nino and now have his new novel, Shadows of Us. Also, Anne Goodwin has sent over a copy of Sugar And Snails which has a great cover image. Fortunately Sugar And Snails isn't due to be published until mid-July so I have time on that one - time to get lost in the half dozen paperbacks on our little shelf, and goodness knows how many kindle books that Dave's bought. I really should stop blogging so much and read instead!

But before I do, make sure you don't miss out on the Spring Bank Holiday
offer at Whittard: a generous 20% off with the checkout code SPRING20. Not only does Whittard have the best hot chocolate selection in Britain - the Spanish Valor Cao is still my absolute favourite - but I do love their tableware too. Our brightly coloured terracotta and yellow plates are in storage because they are a bit on the heavy side for caravan living, but setting them out again will be a good way to liven up our new home (once we find it!). SPRING20 is valid until the 26th of May.

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