Friday, 22 May 2015

We see a hare and a Roman hill fort and a Yellow Wagtail - in that order!

We saw a hare yesterday evening nonchalantly running across the
Edwardian footpath signpost 
campsite field, under gate and then - sticking to the footpath as signed! - down the neighbouring meadow until we lost sight of it by a stream. I think this was the very first hare I have seen, other than on TV, and Dave remembers seeing one only once before, back in the 1970s. We were both pretty excited, but of course had no cameras at the ready!

Today we've been walking from Hope to Bradwell and back. Bradwell has a very different feel to the touristy villages like Hope and Castleton. Several shop fronts were empty and the houses didn't have the same cutesy picturesque quality. It would be interesting to know if Bradwell feels run down because it's not on the main tourist route, so receives less revenue than its neighbours an hour's walk away. It certainly has potential with the centre having lovely old stone bridges and mill streams. We were pleased to watch a Yellow Wagtail on one bridge for a while. Perhaps the inhabitants prefer their peace to having muddy booted tourists everywhere!

Edwardian footpath signpost 
The Anavio Roman hill fort remains are near to Brough and the footpaths to the site are still indicated by the elegant Edwardian signposts pictured. Both are from 1909. The hill fort is less well preserved. There's a bit of a slope around the relevant part of a cow field and these stones are lying in the very centre of the raised area.

Roman hill fort ruins 

I can tell you're impressed!

After an early tea, we're off to Sheffield this evening, not that we will be wandering around much of it on a Friday night! Chris Smither is playing at The Greystones and, if you're a local fan too, we might see you there? If not, we will be back at the same venue on Tuesday for one of our favourite singer-songwriters, Slaid Cleaves. And the arty culture doesn't end there. Thanks to Gemma's glowing review of the Matthew Bourne production, The Car Man, which she has just seen in Bristol, Dave pootled online and saw that its tour is coming to The Lowry in Manchester next week. We loved his Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake productions and there were still good matinee seats for the Thursday so now we're going to the ballet as well! Woo hoo!

If you'd like to celebrate our good fortune at home, why not take advantage of this new offer from the English Heritage shop: 6 bottles of their wines or meads for the price of 5. I do love a mead! The offer runs until the end of May.

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