Sunday, 31 May 2015

We arrive in Bishopthorpe and get our first sight of York

It isn't very far from Hope to York so we only had a leisurely two hour
Bailey pitched up at Foss Dyke CL 
drive today. The outskirts of Sheffield were busy enough to be a little stressful but otherwise everything was fine. Foss Dyke Caravan Club CL is at the end of another single-track-with-passing-places which are becoming Dave's favourite type of road (not!). This one is much shorter and less twisty and hopefully we won't encounter any racing Yodel drivers on it. We have the CL to ourselves apparently until Tuesday which is fantastic. There is some traffic noise, but we are surrounded by tall trees that mute it and the views are green in every direction - not far-reaching as at Hope, but it feels tranquil and we should be more sheltered from the forecast gales. The site is neat and tidy with electricity and water on each pitch - luxury! We did have trouble persuading a small flock of what may be turkeys to move out of our way on arrival. Dave ran at them and they ran off the track. They are still pootling about but are nowhere near as curious as the hens at West Stow.

Our view at Foss Dyke CL 
We drove into York to get our food shopping out of the way this afternoon and, further to my previous post, discovered a giant Go Outdoors shop next to Sainsbury's. They had the Craghoppers trousers upon which I had set my heart - but I discovered they are a really bizarre fit. Tight across my leg where the shorts zip off, yet clown-flappy around the waist! I'm glad I hadn't bought online without trying them on first. Fortunately this shop also had several other convertible pairs so I am now the proud owner of a pair of HiGear Nebraska Womens Zip Off Trousers in dark blue. Fingers crossed they are as comfortable when walking as they were in the changing room! I also signed up for the Discount Card which entitles me to great deals instore and online - and saved me a tenner today.

On a less positive note, I had an email from 38 degrees today about the
UK MEPs disappointing performance in the recent TTIP vote. "This week, we had a setback in the fight against TTIP, the dangerous US-EU trade deal. MEPs failed to scrap one of the worst bits of the deal - the part that would let corporations sue our government in secret courts."

I was pleased to learn that my MEP, William Dartmouth, did vote against TTIP, but the other four UK MEPs failed to take a stand on behalf of their constituencies. "There’s another, bigger, vote on TTIP less than two weeks away" and 38 degrees "are going to expose the MEPs from the UK who aren’t taking a stand. We can put their faces across their local newspapers - everywhere their constituents will see. MEPs won’t want to be shown up in front of their voters. Can you chip in £3 for local newspaper ads calling out the MEPs who voted the wrong way on TTIP?" If we’re going to get in next week’s papers, we need to start booking the advert space today." I have sent £3? Please will you too?

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