Sunday, 15 February 2015

Two veggie dinner recipes and a honey cake

This will probably be our last week at Camping Roquetas, providing the
A honey cake 
weather for the next few days behaves as it is forecast to. We're expecting rain on Tuesday and stronger winds through Wednesday and Thursday, but there should be calm on Friday when we plan move on to Bigastro. If that name sounds familiar, it might because we were there for a couple of nights last year. Fingers crossed for the successful navigation of That Corner this time around!

We have been making the most of our time here, even being able to sit outside reading in hot sunshine earlier today. Yesterday we went for a two hour cycle along some little camino roads in between covered tomato fields. It's bizarre to see literally miles of covered greenhouses, all crammed with tomato plants climbing their way up individual wires, yet with hardly a soul about. Admittedly, it being Saturday afternoon meant most Spaniards had downed tools for their siesta and the start of their weekends, but even so. Dave commented that the region would make a great location for a zombie apocalypse film and it does have a suitably eerie quality.

In between going for beach walks with my headphones - good audiobook at the moment: Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro - and keeping up my jogging - 40 minutes non-stop today - I am also enjoying a bout of experimental cookery. This is (so not) Dave's favourite!! In keeping with my less-meat aims, I have been searching out veggie recipe resources online and have found two great websites:

Oh My Veggies was where I found Lentil and Mushroom Burgers. We both enjoyed this meal although the burgers themselves were far more filling than I had anticipated. Together with the cheese-topped rolls I'd seen in the supermarket and sides such as coleslaw and sliced tomatoes, I thought we'd easily eat two each. We only just managed one-and-a-half each. The burgers have a great flavour and were well worth the faff of their cooking. They were a bit crumbly to shape prior to baking, and I almost wished I had a food processor while finely chopping all those mushrooms!
Lentil and mushroom burgers 

Veg Box Recipes is a site I found several years ago and I have made this Veggie Canneloni before. I've been searching it out again over the past week of so but could only remember the grated carrot ingredient so it took a bit of finding! Dave wasn't so keen on this dinner. We both liked the cheese sauce and pasta, but the filling needed to have a stronger flavour. I might add more herbs and spices next time - if there us a next time! I couldn't find canneloni tubes here in Spain. I had to buy canneloni sheets which are flat like lasagna. You soak them all together in hot water for 15 minutes until they soften like fresh pasta, then roll them around the filling. Once I figured out the instructions, it was actually easier than stuffing the brittle tubes!
Veggie canneloni 
Finally, the Honey Cake is today's find and its website is Roger Patterson's Honey Recipes, a wonderful collection of sweet and savoury recipes all using honey to a greater or lesser extent. The photo at the top of this post shows my baking of Kath's Honey Cake. It smelt gorgeous while baking, enabled me to use my new loaf tin, and made a delicious light cake, sweet but with a pleasant nutty tang because I used my locally-made-and-bought Almendro honey. The only problem with this cake is that it didn't last very long. About four hours. It's very moreish!

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