Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The snow gets a bit close and my new Pine Hill Project album arrives

What passes for wintery weather is upon us now although, in contrast to
If you really squint, you can see snow! 
northern Spain where people have been left stranded by the falling snow, we really don't have much to complain about. Being British though, that is unlikely to stop us! The first photo here shows the snow on the tops of the Sierra Gador hills which we can see from our pitch at Camping Roquetas. I took the photo about ten minutes walk away on the beach a few days ago. We had had wind and a little light rain the night before, and awoke to white-topped hills all around. Quite magical!

Birds, not kitesurfers 
The wind has strengthened considerably over the weekend. It's nowhere near as strong as during the storms, but has completely changed direction. I had previously really struggled to jog to Roquetas town and found being blown back much easier. Yesterday evening I was blown all the way there and had the struggling jog for the return. Interestingly, I found the second version the easier overall of the two and managed more running minutes that way around. Probably this is due to being better warmed up by the time of the more strenuous effort. I was lucky on the way out to spot a whole flock of about a dozen kitesurfers just off the beach. Their multicoloured canopies were really pretty all together. I tried to get a photo on the way back, but wasn't close enough for my phone camera to get the detail so I photographed this rainbow instead.

A rainbow at the end of the Carril Bici
(cycle path)
We are just drinking a cup of red tea after cycling to Aguadulce harbour and back. It's only a twenty minute ride, but involved a lot of effort to get there. I don't think I was above third gear all the way. The return journey was a breeze -literally! The wind took the strain, sixth gear most of the way a practically no pedalling required. Dave wishes that all cycle journeys could be wind-assisted!

Fortunately I have lots (and lots and lots!) of books to keep me occupied during the extended indoor hours so you can expect a glut of book review posts. Plus yesterday I received my eagerly awaited new music album via Kickstarter, Tomorrow You're Going by the Pine Hill Project which is the name of the new venture by Richard Shindell and Lucy Kaplansky. Long-term blog readers will already know how much I love Richard Shindell's songwriting! Tomorrow You're Going is brilliant! We had our first listen through yesterday evening and I was very impressed with the music. There's some great mandolin playing on there and I even liked their U2 cover! Highly, highly, highly recommend this album and I think it goes on general sale in March. There's an 'email when available' button at the end of this Amazon link:

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