Friday, 6 February 2015

Perhaps eighteen miles was a bit too ambitious?

I shouldn't have joked on yesterday's post about us cycling to the
We chose a much flatter route than this road becomes! 
wetlands natural park today. Today we did! Dave put the route into Gmaps when we got back and our two-and-a-half hours encompassed a mahoosive eighteen miles so we're both very proud of ourselves. This is the route we took:

It is all pretty flat, both along the promenade and through the wetlands, although the rough surface for the first part of the wetlands was 'interesting' on my no-shock-absorbers bike. The wind managed to be in front of us both going out and coming back - we're not quite sure how that can happen. Any meteorologists out there? Anyhow, I am now sporting a little saddle soreness, a grumbling left thigh, and an achy mouth from grinning too much. Perhaps attempting eighteen miles only a week after buying my bike was a bit too ambitious, but it was fun!

Now to think of a proper name for Bike ...

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