Sunday, 20 July 2014

We are proper caravanners now

And all thanks to the St Wilfrid's Rotate charity shop in Terminus Road in Eastbourne!

I met my friend Kerry in town yesterday morning for coffee. We went to Beanzz on Grove Road who do a lovely rooibos tea. I would also highly recommend their peanut whoopie pies but, as I ate the last one, that's probably unfair gloating. I had trawled a half dozen charity shops on my way to meet Kerry, searching for a pepper mill. Our nice wooden one is restaurant size so not the best thing for the caravanning life. Unfortunately, the cheapest we've found new is £9 and I'm loathe to pay that much, especially for naff plastic. Anyhow, I failed in the pepper mill hunt, but did spot this instead:

A boule set! I'm exaggerating I know, but seemingly everyone had a boule set while we were away. A couple of the campsites even organised weekly tournaments with decent prizes. And now we have our own set too. We just need to learn how to play ...

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