Saturday, 12 July 2014

Bailey is ready for the open road

I am happy to report that we brought Bailey back from John's Cross this morning with
Roses in our garden 
the motor mover not only fixed but realigned as well. The electrical fault turned out to be the isolator switch which, fortunately, was easy for the mechanics to repair. We took the opportunity to browse the store at John's Cross too. They have a good range of camping and caravanning gear. Dave is quite tempted by the inflatable kayaks. He did a kayaking course a couple years ago and there were a few places last winter where such a craft would have been ideal - the Ria Formosa at Tavira for example. Instead, we bought a pair of chocks, an elegant hanging LED lamp by Kampa for the awning, and two replacement ends for the electric hookup cable. Ours got chewed up when it didn't fit well at Humilladero so Dave's now swapped out the damaged one and we have a spare in case it happens again. We also got a spare Whale submersible water pump. This was more of an outlay at £29.99, but we are not sure how easy the pumps are to find in Spain and want to avoid a Sod's Law situation if our current one does wear out!

The only thing we couldn't find was a suitable table for eating outside. There were a few to choose from but most were family sized or way above our budget. We wanted to look at the Kampa Medium Camping Table. Sadly stocks won't be replaced until next week. We are now considering taking our pretty blue Gisela Graham garden table instead. It has a metal frame so is considerably heavier than a genuine camping table. However, we know it is nice for two to dine at and our wooden folding chairs fit it ok. Getting more use from it would make sense, but I think we will need to judge the weight against how much other stuff we end up taking. I don't want to find we've overestimated what our lovely new Mondeo can manage and find ourselves STILL crawling up hills being overtaken by tankers!

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