Monday, 30 July 2018

My Week in Review to the 29th July

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So last Monday, a week ago today, we spent practically all day driving from Sussex to Devon, then returning our trailer tent to its storage facility before finally getting to our Torquay flat at about 7pm. I was so exhausted I nearly caused a minor bump outside the Co-Op. If the other (fortunately alert) driver is reading this, I'm sorry!

Tuesday was a relaxing day where the washing machine did most of the work and I caught up with a good chunk of commenting and blog visiting. So my week started properly on Wednesday morning with a lovely surprise tweet from Weidenfeld and Nicolson. I've won their Bastille Day giveaway! All the lovely books pictured at the top of this post are heading my way! We're obviously supposed to be clearing from our flat right now, not adding to its contents - Dave will be so thrilled!!

Is everyone coping ok with the heatwave resurgence? I'm kinda happy we're back in the flat through August because the lounge at least is shady and cool for most of the day. That FurnaceFriday completely failed to materialise here in Torquay - it actually felt a bit nippy here with the cloud and breeze - and we didn't get to see the blood moon either! Still, I'm getting through a lot of tea to stay hydrated, especially flavours I can leave to go cold. My favourites are Twinings Buttermint which tastes like drinking Murray Mints if you're old enough to remember them! (Are they still made?) I recently cashed in my Maximiles points for a Spice Kitchen loose tea selection pack which arrived this week. Unfortunately each tea is packaged in little self-seal plastic bags which isn't very #PlasticFreeJuly, but they are delicious. If you haven't drunk their Strawberries And Cream Tea blend, you're missing one of my summer highlights!

Huge congratulations to Sheri who's won the bakerdays Letterbox Cake giveaway that closed on Saturday night! This was my second most popular giveaway ever with over 240 entrants - thank you all! If you're not Sheri, don't despair! There's lots more giveaways and freebies listed in Stephanie Jane's Giveaway Linkup and here are the ones you need to get your skates on to enter:

Giveaways closing soon:
30th July
Win PBs of Death In Dulwich and The Girl In The Gallery, both by Alice Castle

31st July
Authors wanting to Win a free Spotlight Post, make sure your book is added to the Spotlight Giveaway Linkup
Bloggers, let me know if you want me to check out your blog for potential nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award
Win a signed PB of The Invisible Case by Isabella Muir

1st August
Win a PB of Blood In The Woods by J P Willie plus your choice of HellBounds books PB

4th August
Win ebooks of On The Fault or Love Beneath The Mighty Dome, both by Ronald J Wichers

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He Kills Coppers by Jake Arnott
Lightness by Catherine Meurisse graphic novel
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Identity Unknown by Karolina Wojciak
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Have a great week :-)

Artisan Rainbow - Bracelets 


  1. Congrats on the giveaway win! And hope your heatwave recedes soon... I've heard it's been pretty hot over there.

    Hope you have a wonderful week. :)

  2. I am glad you were lucky enough to have avoided the accident. That is always a scary thing. Congrats on the book win! I hope you have a great week!

    1. I should have handed over the driving sooner :-(