Monday, 23 July 2018

My Week in Review to the 22nd July

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I'm got a GoFundMe appeal today which I hope might twang your purse strings or at least get you to click through and hit a share button or two. It's not actually Me being GoFunded (is that a word?) but my sister's friends, talented actresses and playwrights Alexandra and Kate Donnachie, who are taking their play 3 Years, 1 Week And A Lemon Drizzle to Edinburgh! They've got pretty much everything sorted except their own accommodation which is the purpose of this appeal. If you can help out at all, I know it would be very much appreciated. The play explores the true experiences of the sisters in coping when Alexandra developed an eating disorder. There's lots more information Through This Link or you can Buy Your Edinburgh Tickets here. Thank you!

My week has been pretty chaotic and has mainly consisted of zooming between different friends, hours of great chats, and far too much good food. I'm not complaining about the food you understand?! The pace doesn't let up until we drive back to Torquay today and I haven't even really got time to write this post. Apologies for any bizarre typos! And remember my pride last week at having caught up with all my commenting? Yeah, that didn't last long did it. Oops!

In lieu of a 'proper' post, here's a quartet of this week's good eateries that I'm happy to recommend if you're ever thereabouts:

In Cheam, London, Tasha's Tearoom  has a lovely atmosphere with elegant decor. The Banana And Pomegranate Cake is lush - and generously sliced!
In Herstmonceux, Sussex, Indian restaurant Eastern Promise is well worth a try. We'd been here before and were happy to return. My Vegetable Balti was rich and delicious.
In Eastbourne, Sussex, traditional fish and chips doesn't get better than that served at The Holiday Inn. This restaurant has been a favourite of ours for over a decade. We only get to visit annually now and it's a keenly anticipated treat.
Ganapati South Indian Kitchen in Peckham, London, is another superb Indian restaurant with delicious vegetarian thalis.

Posts on my blogs this week were:
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Around the blogosphere:
I'll get back to this!

Have a great week :-)

Artisan Rainbow - Coasters 


  1. I'm lost in your yummy food since I only ate a granola bar for lunch as I want to do things rather than cook. I'll cook something delish tonight. Anne - Books of My Heart

  2. Being busy with friends and good food is always a good thing.

  3. Sounds like a great but busy week! It is always nice to catch up with friends.

    1. Good fun, but exhausting. Neither of us had talked so much all year!

  4. Ah cool, are they hitting the Fringe this year? I used to live on one of the Royal Mile's closes and I both loved and loathed the Fringe, lol. To some degree, I still do but it mostly makes me feel homesick when I think of it now.

    1. They are yes! I've never been, but would love to go one year :-)