Thursday, 26 October 2017

It's so much warmer in Spain!

Almost exactly 48 hours after our ferry arrived in Cherbourg on Tuesday afternoon we crossed over the border from France into Spain. We're now at Les Medes campsite again - the same place we left from in March - having retrieved Bailey from the Caravan Parking Ter storage just down the road. They did a good job looking after our caravan over the summer. Plus it was washed and spruced up ready for us to collect today. We spent a good hour offloading everything from the car and remembering what goes in which cupboards! We seem to have a problem with the battery not charging properly which is a bit of a worry, otherwise all is good.

We had a smooth journey down: Ibis Budget hotels in La Roche sur Yon and the Cite de l'Espace, Toulouse, a good meal at CourtPaille in La Roche and superb pizza at La Villa des Oliviers in Toulouse. I highly recommend des Oliviers 'Donna' meal which is a half pizza with a green salad followed by a Cafe Gourmand (coffee with three mini desserts) for 14 euros. We've seen the Cafe Gormand idea before in France and wondered yesterday why it hasn't caught on in the UK. We were lucky at the Toulouse hotel. Having not booked ahead - for the first time ever! - we arrived to find it fully booked. Disappointed, we wandered across the car park to as at the pricier hotel next door but, before we got there, a guy came running our of the Ibis to say there had just been a cancellation so there would be a room for us after all!

We're staying at Les Medes for a few nights to get back in the caravanning mindset then will head off to pastures new. Possibly Banyoles ... it's great to be back on the road!

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