Monday, 23 October 2017

A Torquay lunch and a Poole Airbnb

Elaine's Airbnb, Poole 
I'm blogging tonight from Elaine's Airbnb in Poole, Dorset, where we are holed up awaiting our ferry to France in the morning. The main draw of the place for us is its proximity to the ferry port - a two minute drive to the end of the road! It's nice here too with a well thought out space which is a bonus! We've a large room with an ensuite shower room at one end and a little sitting area at the other. Elaine provided a range of teas and coffees plus there's croissants and fresh fruit for breakfast. The only downside is a couple of teenagers in the room overhead, but I can tell that they keep being shushed and hopefully they won't want to stay up chatting too late!

Dave and I are both excited to be off on our travels again. We had planned to stay in Torquay until after Christmas, but trouble with the next-door neighbour (now finally evicted) was stressful, plus a family bereavement means we're keen to put a line under this summer. What better way to do that than by cramming the car full and following the birds south for the winter!

We did organise ourselves a little treat before departure. Frognel Hall is a wonderfully named hotel fairly near to our flat. From the road it has an interesting roofline with many chimneys and we've often been curious about the place. Well last week, flyers were delivered advertising their Sunday lunches. We thought we would take the opportunity to enjoy a roast dinner and have a nose about. Stephen and Amanda are gracious and friendly hosts and Stephen cooks up a very good lunch. Dave had roast beef followed by blackberry crumble and I had the veggie option which was goat cheese tart, then bread and butter pudding. It's all charmingly traditional. We even took coffee in the lounge with the wood stove going. If you're in Torquay any time soon, get yourself to Frognel Hall for your Sunday lunch!

Frognel Hall 

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