Thursday, 17 November 2016

On the road again!

Our very first caravan campsite in 2013 
We're setting out on our third caravanning adventure today and, at the time this post publishes itself, we will be trying to cram the last of our 'essentials' into the car. Then we've got a short drive to pick up our Bailey caravan from storage before we head all the way to Poole (no, not far really!) for a few days at South Lytchett Manor campsite. This is a new site for us so we're looking forward to seeing it, especially as it was named the AA Campsite of the Year for 2016!

I am, of course, travelling up to Sutton on Friday for Sutton Theatre Company's production of Scrooge. Have all readers within a fifty mile radius got their tickets? See you there! (I have my fingers already crossed that South West Trains will successfully manage to get me there on Friday and back again on Saturday. Why can't all that Heathrow money be invested in a decent rail network instead?)

Our boat from Poole to Cherbourg is booked for Monday morning and this crossing will also be a new experience for us as we haven't tried this route before. It's supposed to be about four hours I think, similar timewise to Newhaven - Dieppe. We have got ourselves a cabin so hopefully my seasickness pills will knock me out and I can just sleep through it. I'm really not a good sailor!

I'm feeling a weird mixture of nervousness, excitement and melancholy about this trip. I will miss our new flat and Torquay which I have come to love already. However I am eager to be out on the road again and exploring new places. Even though this will be our third winter touring France and Spain and we've already been to so many amazing places, there's always much more to see. On y va!


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