Saturday, 30 July 2016

Settling in to our new Torquay home

View from our window 
Having got the keys to our new flat on Wednesday, we've spent the time since bringing car loads of our possessions over from our Bailey caravan, deciding whereabouts everything should now go and enjoying wandering delightedly from room to room. It does feel strange to suddenly have so much space after almost two years in a caravan! I was a bit sad to see Bailey put into storage today, not forever fortunately, but for the few months during which we establish our new home on the English Riviera in Torquay. The most amazing thing here is the stunning view from our lounge and bedroom windows. I'm going to waste hours gazing out across the town and harbour!

Daisy Cakes cafe 
On Wednesday we did have to wait an hour or so for the previous owner to finish up and leave so took the opportunity to discover what will now be our nearest cafe and it's a great little independent. I love the decor! Daisy Cakes is named for the youngest daughter of owners Kate and Johnnie. Kate bakes delicious cakes for the cafe - we know, we tried them - and also creates spectacular cupcakes and special occasion confections for weddings etc. There's a limited savoury menu at Daisy Cakes and their highlights are the weekly Pie Nights on Fridays and Saturdays which we definitely want to try soon. After just nine weeks, the Pie Nights are apparently already so successful that booking is essential so we will have to get organised.

Our few remaining items of furniture are still in storage in Sussex, along with loads of other small items that we can't completely remember so I am hoping we don't duplicate purchases before we can retrieve everything. I will show off our new dining set in this Monday's furniture-themed SmallSteps post, but in the meantime I have finally been able to unveil my birthday present from Dave and Gilly at Luthier's Supplies. It's a solid wood piggy chopping board which looks fab in our new kitchen. Thank you guys!

And we've had our first visitor already! Zoe from Property Ladder popped in for a cup of tea yesterday and brought us this beautiful rose. It is meant for outside, but while our lounge is so bare, I want to keep it indoors and enjoy the glorious colour! Property Ladder were the estate agents handling our flat purchase and Zoe did such a good job that we are very happy to recommend this company to anyone looking to buy or sell their home in Torbay and South Devon. Just please do mention that 'Dave Greene recommended you' when you get in touch. We might get a reward!

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