Sunday, 7 February 2016

We LOVE Tarragona Carnaval!

It's been a fabulous day today! We spent most of the day
Tarragona Carnaval 2016 
walking the city and I will blog about its wonderful street art and sculpture tomorrow. However tonight has been all about the Carnival parade. Sunday evening has the Best of the Best parade which consisted of tractor-drawn decorated floats blasting out deafeningly loud Spanish and Cuban music, with a few amazingly costumed dancers on each float. Then following each float were dozens more dancers performing choreographed routines as they slowly progressed through the streets. The rhythms were infectious and I was soon wishing I was dressed up and dancing along with them.

My phone wasn't really up to the job, but here's a selection of its photographs to give you a flavour of the celebrations.

I found someone has already uploaded videos of tonight's parade to YouTube. There's several, each showing a different group, so I will just include this one and you can click through to watch more if you want!

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