Sunday, 2 February 2014

A spot of culture in Tavira!

Bolshoi Ballet Lost Illusions 
Lest you all think that we're spending all our time walking or just lazing around in the sun with good books, today I have indulged in a spot of real culture by Going To The Ballet! There's two cinemas in Tavira, both of which show films in their original languages with Portuguese subtitles. We were browsing the listings at the nearest venue, the Tavira Gran Plaza, less than an hour's walk away, when I spotted the Bolshoi's Lost Illusions! I blogged about this on Theatrical Eastbourne a few weeks ago, not imagining that I'd actually get to see it. The performance was excellent and different to the classical ballets I have seen previously. While it didn't have the spectacle of Don Quixote, it more than made up for that in sheer emotion. The delight, anguish and despair shown through the dances was incredible and the storyline, by ballet standards, was a believable one. A young composer squanders his musical talent and chance of true love in favour of fame and fortune, only to realise that there's more to life than money.

I've supported some new music recently too, two very different artists, the first of which is fundraising on +PledgeMusic and the second on +Kickstarter:

Joan Osborne's new album, Love And Hate, has just 10 days left of its campaign and is at 61% of its target. Pledges start at $10 for a download of the album when it's finished.
Peter Mulvey's new album, Silver Ladder, has 13 days left on the campaign and is already practically at a fantastic 200% of its target! However, Mulvey has exciting ideas for the overspend. Pledges start at $1 for three songs immediately or $10 for a download of the album when its finished.

In one of those 'small world' coincidences, I found this YouTube of Peter Mulvey with Anais Mitchell singing the Magnetic Fields song, Book Of Love. If anyone knows where Dave's heard this song before, can you Comment below?!

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