Tuesday, 11 February 2014

It's raining in Seville

A beautiful day on the beach in Portugal
photo by Gemma Greene 
As you can see from the title of this post, we're back in Spain again. It's been drizzly for most of our first day in Seville but we still got out and about, enjoying the gorgeous architecture and streets of the city. We're planning to go back again in a couple of days when hopefully there will be sunshine so I didn't bother taking any photos today. Instead, this post is illustrated with Dave and I striding along the beaches between Alvor and Portimao a few weeks ago. Dave's daughter Gemma took the photo and kindly sent us a copy. Don't we look happy!

Our campsite near Seville is Villsom Camping in Dos Hermanas (Two Sisters). The pitches are small, although not really any smaller than at Tavira, but the price is considerably higher. Thirty Euros a night! And the Wifi is only in reception! And there's no book exchange! There's plenty of trees and greenery around the site and there's far fewer people here than either Tavira or Alvor - less than a dozen motorhomes/caravans here. The road runs along the other side of a wall but the traffic noise isn't too intrusive. The bus route is pretty close too and we took advantage of that to get in and out of Seville today.

Yesterday afternoon we had a walk around Dos Hermanas to get our bearings. (Well, for Dave to get his bearings anyway. This trip is sadly not improving my geography!) It's not the prettiest of towns but there are a few open squares, one of which had striking tiled benches. There is also a great park where several peacocks, ducks and a swan have a pool to themselves. We played on the outdoor gym for a while too.

More about Seville in a while, also about the Roman ruins out of town that we hope to visit tomorrow.

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