Sunday, 26 May 2013

We're on our way but we're not going far

Old Mill Holiday Park, Golden Cross, Sussex
Stupidly overexcited today and all because I posted a letter at Sainsburys this morning. (I'm easily pleased!) It wasn't as simple as expected because their post box has moved - it's no longer by the front door but now hiding round by the checkouts. I hope the postpeople know because this particular envelope is vitally important. Containing a short letter, hand-scrawled on a page torn from a notepad, and accompanying our deposit cheque, it's now on its way to a little campsite ridiculously close to where we live and where we are going to spend our first night in our new caravan! We've not even collected the 'van yet. Premature? Me?

Old Mill Holiday Park at Golden Cross only has eight caravan pitches so with a bit of luck there won't be too many other people there to watch us painstakingly referring back to the manual for the simplest of tasks! It looks pretty and rustic and I've nicked one of their photos to illustrate this post so you can see. I hope they don't mind. We've only got one night so couldn't travel too far from home although we had planned to go a bit further, but this was one of the nicest we found online. They answered my enquiry email really quickly too which is always encouraging. Should everything go horribly wrong, our house is only 15 minutes away, but I'm sure it will all be fine. Thousands of people caravan - how hard can it be? Plus I already know the food at the Golden Cross Inn is excellent so dinner's sorted!

By then we will already know how to get the bright yellow wheel clamp on and off, and we should be happy negotiating the red hitch lock too. I love how so much caravanning stuff is bold primary colours! Eurotow fitted a shiny new tow bar - which I am desperately hoping I won't be the first to bash my shins on - and we'll have attached and detached at least once by ourselves before. Not sure if we'll have used the remote control parking gadget though? Watching us park might be what passes for entertainment!

Now we've just got to wait until we can get our caravan from Robertsbridge to its new home in Horam, wait again for what will seem like AGES, then tow from Horam to Golden Cross for our Big Night Out. Can't wait!

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