Saturday, 11 May 2013

So we've only gone and done it

A gorgeous (?) Spring day in Sussex
Dave has been doing tons of research into the best caravan for us to get. The one pictured in my previous post was just a little oversized after all! Our Citroen Berlingo car can't tow a huge amount of weight, but we quite fancied having a fixed bed. The thought of sleeping on a jumble of seat cushions doesn't really appeal! So our choices were limited and, as most of the lightest caravans are the newest ones, our budget curtails the selection even further.

We finally decided on a Bailey Orion and, as luck would have it, there was a second-hand one not too far away at John's Cross in Robertsbridge. We took a drive there last Bank Holiday Monday to check it out.

It was perfect! And the fab weather was definitely a good omen.
By second-hand they meant practically new. I don't think the oven has been used and the grill pan is still in its plastic! We spent a good hour examining every inch and questioning the salesman. Then we had to leave and come home, planning and dreaming all the way.
The caravan is lovely, but it's also expensive so a real gamble. Dave has never caravanned before and I haven't since childhood. We do both love camping, but don't yet know if the similarities will be outweighed by the differences. But by the evening, I think we had both decided to go for it. We talked through pros and cons, and cons and pros. And on Tuesday morning, Dave texted me at work to let me know the deposit was on his credit card.

O, M and G! So exciting!

We do have to wait a couple of weeks for it to be serviced and warranteed so we have plenty of time to sort out a tow bar, and storage, and a wheel lock, and insurance, and more insurance. Plus personal reasons mean we don't yet know whether we'll be able to turn our backs on the British winter this year or if it will be a few weekend breaks in 2013 but I'm very happy that we've taken the biggest decision!

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