Monday, 4 September 2017

A weekend in Prague

We've been so busy this weekend that it is only just now, on our last evening here, that I have managed to set aside an hour to blog about the first city of our tri-city trip! Prague is beautiful! It has glorious architecture everywhere and I love the pastel colours of practically every building in the centre of the city. I will be honest and say that, although I knew there are some grand buildings here, I wasn't expecting anywhere near so many. I also thought they would be mostly a uniform Soviet grey. This is absolutely not the case!

We have walked about eight miles on each of our three days here, exploring both sides of the river, climbing up to the castle - an insanely busy tourist hotspot - and taking the funicular railway back down, spotting street art and sculpture.

We have enjoyed Czech food and drink too. Mint tea here is routinely made with lots of fresh mint which is delicious and I love the local homemade lemonade which isn't particularly fizzy, but is available with various flavours including ginger, cucumber or a raspberry and mint combination which is my favourite so far. Foodwise, traditional Czech food seems to mostly be about beef goulash or hearty pork dishes, but it has been easy to find vegetarian meals. I highly recommend the mixed leaf salad at Prostor which includes sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and lots of walnuts. The Gnocchi with sun-dried tomatoes, courgette and mushrooms at Carmelita was also delicious.

We were impressed with how clean Prague is compared to UK towns and cities. It hasn't felt at all intimidating, even walking around late at night, and we've managed to avoid the ubiquitous stag do parties so our stay has been pretty peaceful. Our Airbnb apartment is adequate although, we discovered when we got here, it is one of dozens run as a business so it doesn't have much in the way of local atmosphere. It's quiet and conveniently located though so that's the main thing.

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