Thursday, 29 June 2017

Taking up the #PlasticFreeJuly challenge

I found out about this Australian challenge through Kindsay Miles' excellent website Treading My Own Path. Plastic Free July has been happening for several years and is now embraced by people all over the globe. The idea is to make conscious decisions about what we buy and especially how it is packaged. I had a quick think about what I can do to reduce my plastic usage ...

Always take my steel water flask with me so I am not tempted to buy a bottled drink

Buy a bamboo replacement toothbrush instead of another plastic one

Make up reusable fruit and veg bags from old net curtains instead of taking single-use plastic ones in the shop

Actually visit The Zero Waste Shop in Totnes instead of just planning to go there

Stop buying individually wrapped boiled sweets for car journeys - and find a sweet shop that will refill a tin instead of selling in plastic bags

Bake my own biscuits instead of buying packet ones - I've already found a good Digestives recipe and my Oat and Date Cookies are surprisingly healthy!

What other ideas would be good to implement? Let me know your suggestions in the Comments!
Join the challenge at Plastic Free July too and, if you're Torbay-based (or thereabouts) join our Facebook event to share your Plastic Free successes

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