Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Homeward bound

Tomorrow will be our last day in Spain, for this season at least, as we are then homeward bound. We have returned to Camping Les Medes at L'Estartit for a few days and will put our caravan into storage nearby before zooming up through France with just the car and a couple of cheap hotel overnight stops. Have you ever tried getting the contents of a caravan and a car into just the car? It's a marvel of tessellation!

I'm feeling maudlin as I always do when one of our travel seasons comes to a close. It's especially sad this time though because I don't know how difficult 'our' government (we didn't bloody vote for them and they certainly don't represent us) will make it for us to travel in Europe in the future. Article 50 was triggered today so 'our' Brexit (we didn't bloody vote for it and it certainly isn't what we want) will shape and no doubt significantly restrict what we can do in the future. Will we need individual country visas again? How much further will our currency be devalued against the Euro? We've already noticed the exchange rate dropping every time Theresa May opens her mouth. If she keeps up that ridiculous toys-out-of-the-pram bargaining stance, even Portugal and Greece will soon be too expensive.

It feels very strange happily sitting here amongst people from at least eight different European countries and seeing the disgusting anti-Europe vitriol on Facebook spouted by the predominantly right-wing media back in England. All so stupidly short-sighted - unless you're one of the very few elite people who are going to make an absolute killing out of all this. I don't think the rest of us will even get what the Leave campaign shouted about, let alone what the people who voted leave actually thought they would achieve. There's no extra NHS money, that's for sure.

I wonder if this will be the last time we will return Home from Europe? Not that I want or intend to stop travelling you understand. It's just that if the Tories get the Brexit they want, I don't think that England will feel like my home any more.

Harry Whitewolf has perfectly summed up today in his new poem:


The U.K. should begin with an F
And have a C after the U,
And it should end in E D
Now that we’ve left the E.U.


  1. :/ 2016 has been a bucket of ice cold water for the world. It woke a lot of us but trying to figure out how to move on from this has us running around like headless chickens.

    Good luck.

    1. I want to buy my own little island somewhere and hide away :-)