Friday, 10 February 2017

Two amazing new music Kickstarter campaigns - Peter Mulvey & Carrie Elkin

Two of my favourite singer-songwriters, Peter Mulvey and Carrie Elkin, emailed a couple of days apart this week to let me know they have launched Kickstarter campaigns for their new albums. Their music is different, but I love them both! I have (hopefully) embedded their Kickstarter videos into this post although they might be a little slow to load. Click through to the campaign pages for more information and to pledge...

Peter Mulvey is raising $17,000 for Are You Listening which he recorded at Ani di Franco's studio in New Orleans. He says "2016 was tough, people. And 2017 is turning out to be tougher. I have been launching little paper boats of whatever art, wit, beauty and tenderness I can muster onto the waters of this life for a long time, and I work to keep the faith that they make a difference. I'm doing my best and I thank you deeply for supporting my efforts."

Are You Listening?

Carrie Elkin has a target of $30,000 for The Penny Collector. This album is named for her father's hobby and it promises to be an emotional work. Carrie says "This year has been a profound one. As some of you may know, I lost my sweet papa 18 months ago. And then I had a baby four months ago. So it’s been a year book-ended by the most intense of human experiences. I wrote most of the songs on this record soon after my dad died, and right when I found out I was pregnant. At this intersection of joy and grief, I locked myself in a cabin in the mountains of New Mexico and wrote these tunes. The coming together of these emotions brought about a visual landscape in the songs that I would not have otherwise been able to write about. It was one of the most beautiful and telling times of my life."

Carrie Elkin | New Solo Record

If you haven't heard Peter's or Carrie's music before I hope these little Kickstarter videos tempt you to listen further. If you're already a fan, please get pledging!


  1. I have to listen to these when I get home. I'm at work drinking my coffee but my PC doesn't have speakers. Lol.

    Thanks for sharing! You're awesome for letting your readers know about these two artists.

    1. It's fun watching the totals rise! Peter's surpassed his goal already and Carrie is over half way to hers.