Saturday, 27 August 2016

Making progress with my crochet throw

In my Top Five Etsy Finds post a couple of weeks ago I mentioned buying wool to crochet a throw for my chaise longue. As it's going to be quite the labour of love to complete this, I thought I would blog a couple of progress posts as motivation for myself to keep hooking!

The multi-toned wool is actually Turkish made - the Papatya brand - and I bought ten balls of it from NeedlesLoomsnHooks on Etsy. I was impressed with this company's good communication and prompt shipping. I'd definitely buy here again. Hopefully my estimation of how much I need will be accurate! I know NeedlesLoomsnHooks have a bit more of this gorgeous bright blue at the moment, but will it still be there in a few weeks?

From a heap on the carpet ... 

One ball crocheted, four days ... 

Two balls crocheted, one blister, eight days ... 

I found reading and crocheting at the same time is basically impossible, but audiobooks are a good accompaniment so this will be a good chance to get through the backlog I have built up over the past few months. I've already crocheted through Istanbul by Orhan Pamuk (appropriate considering the wool!). Now I'm enjoying Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe and hooking through ball three.

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