Thursday, 4 August 2016

A belated birthday present and starting to make a home

We have had the keys of our new flat for just over a week now and I am beginning to get used to the idea! We have done some exploring locally and found our nearest famous person, historically speaking anyway. I saw this plaque commemorating the life of wartime SOE operative Eileen Mary Nearne and snuck up the building's driveway to take a closer look and this photograph. Torbay Civic Society have an online map showing all the blue plaques they have sited and also produce leaflets giving further information about each person honoured this way. I shall have to buy Eileen's!

My chaise longue 
Our vintage shop searching came up trumps at Vintage Ladies in Newton Abbot where I spotted this antique chaise longue. It's not in the best condition, but was a good price and is wonderfully comfortable. Dave was kind enough to buy it for me as my belated birthday present and I am lounging on it as I type this. It's perfect! Vintage Ladies quickly delivered to Torquay too and managed to lug the thing upstairs and into our flat without too much hassle. The narrowness of the access corridor is proving a problem for getting furniture in. A super-comfy tub-style armchair Dave tried out at BHF would have been ideal, but would have required hoisting through a third-floor window and we didn't like it enough to go to that much effort!

One place setting completed 
I have resumed crocheting and am making up table mats while lounging on my chaise longue and listening to George Orwell on an audiobook. Perhaps too much mixing of eras, but it does all feel nicely retro. I'm taking advantage of a no listing fee offer on eBay to put a few handmade items up for auction. We might have a flat instead of a caravan now, but I could still use the space! There's craft supplies, coasters, headwear and bookmarks. Each auction starts at 99p and I am happy to combine shipping so do take a look and Grab yourself a bargain!

Now, the rain has stopped, the sky has hints of blue and we're off out resuming our furniture search this afternoon. Unless we get distracted by other ideas!

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