Tuesday, 6 October 2015

I have pledged to buy only #JustTuna

I received an email from Greenpeace's India Thorogood today which
helped to clear up something that had confused Dave and I a while ago. We sometimes have a tuna sandwich for our picnics and I thought that John West tuna was sustainably caught. However, when shopping we couldn't find any mention of pole and line fishing on the tin so have been choosing different brands instead. Now I learn that my bafflement is caused by their u-turn in policy. John West publicly said they would achieve 100% sustainability by 2016. Apparently they have achieved a massively disappointing 2%! India's email, copied below, has more information and links to the Greenpeace Pledge:

"News just in: the biggest tuna companies are at it again. They’re breaking huge promises by slaughtering sea life - and one company is even linked to human rights abuses.

Take action against them now:

Imagine this: you’re John West, the biggest seafood company in the UK, worth over half a billion pounds. You believe that people buying your tuna don’t care about ethics or the environment. You believe you can make promises and break them with no consequences. Well, you’re wrong.

Together, we can force John West's hand. When thousands of us take action, they know we can trigger bad stories in the press and, even worse, send share prices plummeting and investors running scared. If every single one of us stands up to say we will never buy unjust or unsustainable tuna, companies will have no choice but to clean up their act, or watch their profits crumble: https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/just-tuna

In the last few years, tuna companies told us they cared. John West told the public they’d achieve 100% sustainable tuna in 2016 but – get this – so far they’ve scraped a measley 2%. To make matters far worse, John West's owners, seafood company Thai Union, have been linked to human rights abuses. It might seem like they don't care. But like most companies, they do care about profits and reputation.

Remember our last tuna campaign? Thousands of us turned up the heat on Tesco's to make Oriental and Pacific tuna clean up. They’re much bigger and more powerful than John West or Princes - yet together we made sure they helped clean up the tuna industry.

We can and will do the same again: https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/just-tuna

Thanks for taking a stand.

India and the Tuna Team"

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