Wednesday, 9 September 2015

One Year CaravAnniversary part two - Dave's Choice

Yesterday's blog post was my choice of a dozen photographs from our
Beach south of Carnac, France
September 2014 
first year of caravan travelling and today, in the second half of our CaravAnniversary celebrations, Dave has chosen his own dozen images. Most of these have never been blogged before so you'll get a whole new insight into our travels! It is interesting that Dave has almost completely picked natural landscape scenes either showing the fabulous views we have enjoyed on our walks or the wonderful beaches from which we swam or paddled.

Again, I have linked each picture to my blog post written at the time of its taking so you can click through to find out exactly whereabouts we were and what else we saw and did there.
Beach at Malvarrosa, Spain
October 2014
Clouds over Xabia, Spain
November 2014
Torrevieja salt lakes, Spain
December 2014
Sierra Cabrera near Mojacar, Spain
January 2015
Stormy beach at Roquetas de Mar, Spain
February 2015
Sierra d'Irta near Alcossebre, Spain 
March 2015
Henley In Arden, England
April 2015
From Mam Tor, Peak District, England
May 2015
North York Moors, England 
June 2015
View to Dunstanburgh Castle, England 
July 2015
Moors above Bleasdale, England
August 2015 

What a fantastic year we have had! Dave has also chosen one bonus picture because it is just such an incredible image that it is worth blogging again:
Egret fishing near Arcachon Bay, France
October 2014

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