Tuesday, 1 September 2015

One night in North Somerset

We are breaking our journey from Wettest Wales to (fingers crossed)
Our pitch at Cottage Farm 
Sunny Devon with a one night pitch up at a lovely Caravan Club CL in North Somerset. Cottage Farm in Banwell, near Weston-Super-Mare, has been a CL since 1968 and we think that makes it the oldest of all the sites we have used during our UK summer tour. The field is right by a fairly busy road so there has been consistent traffic noise all afternoon, but the grass field is dry and all amenities are close by. We have gone back to using our Osprey for internet access and it got us worried when we first fired it up again as, although it swiftly connected itself to 4G wifi, it refused to allow any of our devices to connect. After about half an hour it relented, hence my blogging now. I was reminded of returning from holiday to the sulks of a cat that has been left in the care of the neighbours and refuses to acknowledge it's owners!

Cottage Farm, until recently, kept a small herd of Angora goats for
mohair. Smallholder, Lesley Stimson, spins and knits their wool to create beautiful scarves and wraps which can be bought by mail order, or in person, and details are on the Cottage Farm website. Lesley also makes her own organic jams and chutneys from fruit and vegetables grown right here. We snapped up delicious tomatoes for our lunch today, then went back for a couple of jars of jam. I will let you know in a future post how they taste.

There are lots of local attractions that we have no time to visit as tomorrow morning we are moving again and should be pitched up just outside Tavistock in the afternoon. We are looking forward to meeting up with our friends Chris and Marta, they of the January Beach Picnic, and catching up with all their news. A couple of weeks around Tavistock should give us plenty of time to explore the area before we start heading back eastwards.

A date for your diary: September 9th sees my first guest blog post being published on Bookish Serendipity. I have written about How A Travelling Bookblogger Gets Her Fix. Hopefully you will all pop over to that great  log to support me and the BP readers will find us over here

I have also started two new reading challenges today. The Goodreads / Bookcrossing Decade Challenge has launched for another year, the idea being to read at least one book originally published in each decade from 1900 until 2015. I have until August 31st 2016 to complete my list and am already wishing I had held back Darkness And Day as my 1950s book. It's a fun way to discover vintage reads - my list from last year is towards the end of this post, after my Cannery Row review.

Secondly, Sophie And Suze's NetGalley Challenge has restarted for another six week stint. I have proud that my NetGalley book-to-review ratio is already sitting over 80% but will take this opportunity to read lots of brand new pre-release books. I have just realised that Darkness And Day could have counted for this challenge too!

Great view from Cottage Farm CL 

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