Sunday, 1 March 2015

Days out in Cullera and Valencia

It has been a busy few days around here! We braved fairly high winds on
From Cullera castle to
the Sanctuary 
Wednesday for a walk into Cullera town and up to both the Sanctuary and the Islamic Castle. Believe it or not, there is a footpath up this rock cliff and we managed to climb it, although with a couple of nervy moments on my part. Several of the historic observation towers below the castle have been restored including one which I think I remember is the only octagonal example in Spain. The views from the castle across the surrounding countryside and also out to sea are fantastic. Entry is only 3 euros (or 1 euro for Jubilados (Poor Old Pensioners!)) and the next-door Sanctuary is free to visit. A few castle rooms have cases of interesting artifacts unearthed within Cullera. These include some delicate jewellery, pots, arrowheads, decorated glass fragments and the like. There is also a short film of the history of Cullera. It is in Spanish but spoken slowly and with clear enough visuals that we could work out pretty much what was going on during each era.
Spot the footpath? 
Restored Islamic tower, Cullera 
A train journey on Thursday took us back to Valencia to meet up with our friends Andy and Barbara. They have rented a gorgeous little apartment for a few nights before moving on to Granada and Seville. We wandered the streets of Valencia for an afternoon after having visited the Silk Exchange which is an elegant building but with a distinct lack of informative placards.
Sculpture on a Valencian balcony 
Ornate door in Valencia 
Yesterday Andy and Barbara returned the visit by getting the train from Valencia to Cullera. We walked the Sendero PR CV 336 from the aforementioned castle along the hill ridge out above the distinctive CULLERA hill sign - it's painted in huge white letters on the cliffs and is even lit at night - towards the Faro (lighthouse) where we descended to beach level and our fist Menu Del Dia meal of the trip. Lots of food so we were glad to have got the energetic walking out of the way first leaving only a gentle stroll back along the beach.
Asphodel flowers, no Wendel

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