Tuesday, 27 January 2015

We pitch up at Roquetas De Mar and Caravan Of Thieves have five days to go

After only a short drive of less than two hours yesterday, we are now at
Bailey on pitches 631 and 649 at Roquetas 
what we expect to be the most southerly of our camping destinations this winter. Roquetas De Mar is on the coast near to Almeria and Camping Roquetas is sandwiched between the towns of Roquetas and Aguadulce.

The site is a five minute walk from miles of sandy beach and there is a small gate with a footpath directly there from the back of the site. We can see the gate from our pitch and are amazed at the almost constant bicycle and pedestrian traffic heading in and out. Our last two campsites have been almost bicycle free zones due to their locations so we need to get used to that almost silent zip again - before we get run down by a flock of Dutch bicis! Yesterday afternoon we walked along the beach for a couple of hours and today Dave has cycled it and I went for a jog. There are separate cycle and pedestrian paths - all very tranquil!

As for the camping itself, we love the showers here! Huge cubicles and unlimited hot water. Plus there are several shower blocks, each with multiple washing up and laundry stations, so not yet any need to queue which we were beginning to get a little fed up with at Camping El Quinto. Camping Roquetas is a large site and is practically full. We were given a choice of only five pitches yesterday out of a couple of hundred. There is a great deal during the winter months where everyone gets a double pitch for the same price as a summer single, plus long stay discounts which kick in after just two days and it gets cheaper in stages the longer we stay. As you can see in the photo above, we have tons of room and our car is parked behind Bailey so already using about a third of the space.

Another plus is that the electricity is metered. We are thinking about
Toys for grown-ups! 
everything we turn on and whether it could use our cheap Repsol gas instead of electricity. Even with the heating on low overnight, we only used two euros worth in our first twenty-four hours. We were unsure whether we would be able to stay here more than a couple of weeks without the walking opportunities we had gotten used to at Mojacar. Having now seen the cycling and jogging facilities, an onsite biosalud set-up (a playground for grown-ups!) which I love using, plus some city days visiting Almeria, we might manage near to a month!

A final note on something completely different! If you're looking for some brand new music, the inventive band Caravan Of Thieves have got just fivr days left on their PledgeMusic campaign. They are raising money for their new album Kiss Kiss. Previews and studio photos are available via the PledgeMusic page. I like what I've heard so far so am in for the download!

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