Friday, 26 September 2014

Walking forest and dunes on Ile de Re

One of the weirdest sights on our forest and dunes walk yesterday was many diddy 'snail
Snail tree on Ile de Re 
trees' just like the ones pictured. I'm sure the tiny snails were resting and feeding on the plants, but it looked just like they were growing there! We wanted to walk from our current home, Camping La Grainetiere near La Flotte, to the beach and discovered a circular route that took us through shady pine woods, out to the shores of the Atlantic, and then back through more trees. The area is called Les Evieres. Within the woods are dozens of fenced off gardens, each with a shed-like structure and a flat grassed area. Some also have brick barbecues and a couple had caravans parked on them, but they seemed more of temporary places for extended family to get together than permanent residence areas. It was fun to spot them half hidden among the trees and, perhaps if we had walked on a weekend, we might even have seen the owners.

La Grainetiere is a fab campsite with a mix of touring pitches and static homes. There is an indoor heated swimming pool with a retractable roof, a library room, and a games area. It's less than a half hour stroll in to town too. The wifi is free, albeit still slower than dial-up. Sadly no tennis court, but there is table tennis so we splashed out on a 6 euro table tennis set at the Intermarche this morning. We're yet to open the packaging though because we went swimming this afternoon instead. Plage Les Gollandieres has wide sandy beaches with more stones than at Carnac and bigger waves, but the water is just as warm and, a plus for me, it stays shallow for a long way out so I can swim confidently.

Dave has been for a couple of rides on his bicycle. Ile de Re is just perfect for cyclists as it's practically flat and there are dedicated cycle routes everywhere. I got to try out a hireable tricycle today for a few minutes. However, my cycling nerve has definitely vanished again. I did feel stable on the trike but it was a nightmare to steer so after a few minutes of failing to ride around the campsite entrance I gave up. It was sweet of the guy to let me try it out, but I guess a trike won't be the answer. The roads are much safer if I'm on foot!

Yesterday was a Very Special Day as it was Davey's Birfdee! Hugs and thanks to all who sent greetings. Instead of the (superb, we have heard) Carrie Elkin gig which we would have attended had we still been in Sussex, we treated ourselves to a few other delights instead. Lunch of delicious locally smoked haddock from a little fishmongers in La Flotte was eaten with freshly baked bread from our breadmaker. We're getting to use all our extra kitchen gadgets so it was definitely worth bringing them. An unexpectedly successful new purchase is the Folding Drainer suggested by our friend Lye Kin. The flat drainer that came with Bailey was useless as stuff didn't dry in the heap it necessitated. I heartily recommend all Bailey Orion owners invest in a foldy one instead!

Birthday dinner was at an Italian restaurant off the harbour front in La Flotte. Dave almost managed to finish a Four Seasons pizza with more topping than we'd ever seen before, and I had a delicate Fusilli Fleurs de Courgette which had a beautiful creamy flavour and seemed simple, but I know I'd never get it quite the same at home. We walked back to the car along a promenade that had been strung with fairy lights and was quite magical!

La Flotte promenade 

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