Thursday, 4 September 2014

Finally getting a completion date and being steamrollered by Medea

Yes, you read those first title words correctly! Dave got the eagerly anticipated phone call this afternoon - contracts were exchanged today and we complete a week on Friday. It's
Temporary TV stand! 
such a relief and so exciting to get an email at work with a whole row of smiley faces. I actually squeaked!

We gave up on hiring a van when the one we booked wasn't available after all and the others were much more expensive, especially the excess charges. How can these firms justify an £800 excess? So instead Dave has taken boxes to storage in the car. This Saturday we have the fun of trying to get his reclining chair in the boot, but fortunately there's already not much left here.

You might we wondering what we did to celebrate the Good News. Did we clink glasses or go for dinner? Nope. We went to see an ancient Greek tragedy and it was some of the most intense theatre ever. Tonight was the National Theatre's cinema broadcast of their first ever production of Medea. I had read reviews absolutely raving about Carrie Cracknell's production and Helen McCrory's performance and they were quite right. I loved the blend of traditional chorus with modern physical movement, the contemporary touches such as the family photo, and the sheer power of Medea's breakdown left me breathless. Simply superb.

We did go out for a meal last night by the way - fish and chips at the excellent Holiday Inn, just off the seafront in Eastbourne. It was one of the places we made sure to visit when we arrived back in the UK in April - not so very long ago.

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