Sunday, 8 June 2014

Trying out the new tow bar and failing to walk

Eastbourne and Wealden Walking Festival flyer 
In spite, or perhaps because, of the fabulously hot sunshine today, we completely failed to go for a walk this afternoon. We meant too, but somehow the prospect of lazing in the garden with a good book was far more enticing. I can't imagine why! Dave's now gripped by Precious Thing by Colette McBeth, the thriller I reviewed a while ago, and I tore through Niedermayer and Hart by M J Johnson, a supernatural thriller that I discovered via Twitter. (Full review coming in a few days.)

But while we're not talking about walking, the photo illustrating this post is of a cute card boot flyer advertising Eastbourne and Wealden's Walking Festival at the end of September. There was a bag of them on the noticeboard at work. It's going to be a nine day extravaganza of all things stroll related so make sure you get into training now! I'm pretty sure Dave and I will be long gone by then which is a shame, but we'll be walking in solidarity in Spain, I'm sure!

Yesterday we went to visit Bailey who looked a bit sorry for himself. However, after we'd borrowed the water hose and got out the car shampoo, he was almost as shiny as new. We also hitched up to the new tow bar on the new car to make sure all that works ok. It's a swan neck this time so a bit different but still simple enough to negotiate. EuroTow did a good job - again. Hopefully we won't keep visiting them every year though. Other new toys we tried out were both gas related - a Gaslow connector with a gauge for the Calor gas bottles and a proper fitting for the big Spanish gas bottle so we can now actually use it. Woo hoo!

Current +eBay auctions that might interest you include fishing gear, a tall bookcase and two big books about the Second World War. Auction ticker thing at the end of the post - it's all got to go eventually.

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