Monday, 12 May 2014

Exciting Times!

House for sale in Polegate 
There's so much going on here at the moment that it's a good thing my work situation is pretty much non-existent. Firstly, I'm putting everything that's not tied down onto +eBay so I seem to set out on a trip to a +Post Office pretty much every day. we're lucky that there's three quite local to us and the one at Willingdon has a nice range of locally made jams - the Kiwi And Ginger is worth a try, as is the Whisky Marmalade!

Then, last Friday, we took a trip to A.C.Cars in Wych Cross with a view to replacing our beloved Berlingo. It did the best it could towing Bailey across Iberia but isn't really up to the job as far as hills are concerned. Dave's been researching extensively to find a suitable replacement and a Ford Mondeo estate looked to be the best option for us. There were two potentials at A.C.Cars - one older and cheaper and bright red, one newer with higher spec and dark blue. We've ended up going with the newer model but it was a tough decision. We go back this Friday to pick it up! (Note to self: Must replace the numberplate on the back of the caravan.)

I've saved the final part of our exciting news until last - building up to a big finish! Dave's put his house on the market. We weren't keen to repeat leaving it empty for a second winter away, primarily because it's not really fair on the people who kindly kept visiting to make sure it was OK. Plus Dave's been here now for the longest he's been anywhere so quite likes the idea of a change of scene. I just want to get back to the travelling life! We have gone with a local estate agent, Archers, (Keep It Local!) and the 'particulars' went online today. +Zoopla could only have had the details for a couple of hours when Archers called to say they already had someone wanting to view! How amazing is that! Dave's already shown the first people round, on the very first day. You can see our House For Sale in Polegate by clicking HERE.

I hope we don't have to move out too soon though. Some of my eBay auctions don't close until next week!

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