Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The rain in Spain falls mainly in Navarrete

Camping Navarrete as it is not at the moment! 
We're at our last Spanish campsite now and I'm feeling quite sad that our great expedition is nearly over. Camping Navarrete was recommended to us by a couple at Camping Navajas who were former +Citroën Berlingo owners. The sunny photo is pinched from Camping Navarrete's website as it's a nice site and I didn't want to show it grey and miserable. We had previously planned to stop over at Haro, but that town was forecast 30mm of rain tonight and Logrono (10km from Navarrete) was only supposed to get about half as much so we rerouted. It's been raining on and off since we arrived at lunchtime and, setting up, we were seriously cold for the first time since Serro da Bica! I'm taking some comfort that Spain is crying about our leaving!! 

And we do need to start getting acclimatised to British temperatures. On Saturday we went for what will probably turn out to have been our last walk of the trip and saw a swallowtail butterfly and baby almonds in furry green pods on the trees. We also glimpsed a black and white woodpecker and saw the cutest brown and white cow. She had four brown 'knee-high socks' which I thought made her look like some chic girl in the 1960s! It was breezy, but the sun was shining and we did most of the walk in t-shirts and shorts. I don't think our shorts will be needed again for several months. We are trying not to think about how cold Polegate seemed when we got back from Louisiana/Texas last March.

We spent last night at Camping Zaragoza which is the municipal campsite for the city. Do not go here if you can possibly avoid it. It's not got a nice vibe and is expensive. We paid €19 and that was without electricity for which they wanted an extra €4.50. There wasn't even a bookswap shelf in Recepcion!

Now our thoughts are turning to +Brittany Ferries Santander S.L and our return voyage which starts on Thursday afternoon. I hope the sea in the Channel is calmer than it was on our way out. And that the Bay Of Biscay isn't any rougher!
See you all soon ... !

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