Friday, 2 August 2013

Indecision on porch awnings

Riversway 260
We've been thinking about getting a nice porch awning for Bailey. Not a full-size one because of the weight and, to a degree, the price. This caravanning as a cheap holiday alternative doesn't seem to take into account the sheer variety of shiny accessories out there and I have magpie tendencies!

Dave has been researching awnings online and we've been keeping an eye on +eBay. To be honest though, once the auctions get to their closing time, the difference in price between a second-hand and a new awning is so minimal that it's not worth the potential hassle so we'll probably buy new.

Rotonde 300
Originally we liked the look of the Riversway 260 (£119) but a couple of days ago I spotted a new arrival in the market, the +SunnCamp Rotonde 300 (£129). We think its octagonal shape will give us a little more usable space than the Riversway. The curves of the Riversway might be more in keeping with those of Bailey though. The Rotonde is fractionally bigger at 300cm across the back compared to the 260cm Riversway but this should fit fine. We measured up for 260 and I'm pretty sure the extra 40cm won't be a problem but Dave's going to pop up to Bailey and measure again - just to be sure!

It would be nice to hear from anyone who's already using either of these, especially if you've put your awning on a Bailey Orion!

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