Thursday 30 November 2023

Santa's Magical Reindeer: Becoming Pen Pals by Michele Monaco

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Book Title:  Santa's Magical Reindeer: Becoming Pen Pals by Michele Monaco
Category:  Children's Fiction (ages 3 to 7), 38 pages
Genre:  Children's Book
Publisher:  Mascot Kids
Release date:   Nov 7, 2023
Content Rating:  G.  Suitable for everyone.
Book Description:

Right after Thanksgiving is the busiest time of year for Santa and his crew of eight famous reindeer! Every year, the Famous Eight sleigh team from the North Pole eagerly helps Santa by going on a quest to find kids who believe in Christmas magic. In Santa’s Magical Reindeer: Becoming Pen Pals, Prancer, Vixen, and Dasher go on an adventure in search of eager pen pals. On their journey, they find three rambunctious girls who eagerly exchange letters with them and become lifelong friends.
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Guest Post by Michele Monaco
Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because there's a certain magic in the air. The smells, the colors, the music, and the time with people you love! People reach out to friends and family, they're generous with their time and it's a time that people start thinking about others. I love the baking and the preparation that goes into the holiday and the magic, mystery, and creative wonder kids bring.  
The inspiration for the story stems from my children Corryn, Kylie and McKenna. With my love of Christmas, I wanted to bring a whole different magical component to Christmas. I wanted my girls to be so enveloped in the magic of Christmas.  We lived in an area that had woods behind it and deer would be a common sighting on our lawn. I got the idea of these deer coming and watching my kids and reporting back to Santa. Before I knew it, it evolved into me playing the role of these reindeer and writing letters to my kids. My kids loved it and they were immersed in the idea and they were waiting in anticipation for their next letter so I encouraged them even before they could write to draw letters to their reindeer.  In a flash of an eye, my kids were writing letters back and forth to their reindeer and built such a beautiful relationship with them that I kept the tradition alive ever since then.  
Christmas traditions are dear to my heart. Some of the traditions that I had growing up as a kid are more specific to Christmas Eve. My parents are from Slovakia but my siblings and I were born and raised in the United States. We were raised with some of these Christmas traditions family would work together to make tons of homemade pierogies and we would all work together to make these for a good majority of the day. Making perogies brought our family together.  On Christmas Eve after the meal that is when we would open our Christmas presents followed by going to midnight mass.  
These recipes have been passed down to me and my siblings and we have integrated them into our families as well. These recipes are not written down they are all done by memory taste and texture. And that is how I pass the tradition down to my girls.
Another tradition that I have is that the family gets Christmas pajamas. We start off Christmas Eve morning with a large cup of hot chocolate and we pile into the car with snuggly blankets and we drive through Valley Forge Park where there are a lot of deer in the open lands and people walking on the open trails. My girls and I play Christmas music and we wish the reindeer good luck as they prepare for Christmas and we shout out the windows Merry Christmas to everyone that we see. In next year’s book, you can discover why this is done!

Meet the Author:

Michele Monaco has a great love for the Christmas season. She embraces the Christmas spirit all year round by remembering to look at life through the eyes of a child. As a mother of three beautiful and exuberant daughters, she believes in the magic that the holiday brings. Michele lives in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, and enjoys traveling, reading, running, and enjoying the outdoors.

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