Friday, 20 April 2018

Devon sunshine in Brixham!

The Dittisham Princess 
Our friends Steve and Frances made a flying 24 hour visit to Torbay this week so we thought we would take advantage of the gorgeous weather and sail across to Brixham for the afternoon. The Western Lady Ferry from Torquay to Brixham is excellent value at just £3 return per person for the 30-40 minute crossing. Yesterday the bay was millpond smooth. It was a little hazy so there weren't the most amazing views out to sea, but we could look all across the bay. The view of Brixham as we approach from the water is one of my favourites anywhere.

Once in Brixham we treated ourselves to a good seafood lunch at the Buller's Arms. The window table gave us a good view of the William of Orange statue apparently waiting at the bus stop for his journey to London!
We shared the delicious Scallops starter between us all and then I had Jacket Potato with Crab. A proper Jacket Potato! The Plaice And Chips and Seafood Tagliatelle were also enjoyed and portions are big so we didn't need dessert.


We had planned to walk up to Berry Head, but lingering too long over lunch meant we only left ourselves time to walk out to the Lido and back. I loved the little Pride In Brixham gardens along the harbour side. The one with the mountain sheep was my favourite. These spaces are a great idea to liven up the walk and showcase the town spirit. The Lido however looked a bit the worse for wear and we wondered if it would be ready in time for its May reopening.

Back in Brixham harbour, we just had time for a local Yarde Farm ice cream before our return ferry. I liked my Cherry Custard one, but Dave was underwhelmed with the non-chunkiness of his Chocolate Chunk flavour!
I got to see that beautiful Brixham view again as we sat facing off the back of the Dittisham Princess as we sailed away.


Thank you to Steve Royston for the photographs in this post. You probably all noticed the higher-than-usual quality!


  1. Beautiful area! I love to relax by the sea and just enjoy the sound and smell of it!