Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The Unfinished Village and walking from Denia to Xabia and back

As promised in my last Week In Review post, here is a selection of photographs taken at the Unfinished Village in the hills just above Denia. We spotted the derelict site on an earlier walk and then chose to visit it properly as part of our hike from Denia to Xabia and back last Friday.

Apparently the construction was begun and then abandoned during the 1970s - we're not convinced that date can be right though because most of the exposed bricks and breezeblocks don't look worn enough to have been weathering for nearly forty years. Several rows of houses are still standing - in various states of disrepair, but it looks as though none of them were ever completed to the extent of having their doors or windows fitted. We haven't been able to discover why the village wasn't completed or whether it might still be so. These days it is an unsecured site, open to casual wanderers such as ourselves and also a destination for local graffiti artists honing their skills. At times, looking around, I almost felt as though I had entered the Jari Jarvela book I recently read, The Girl And The Bomb!

These were my favourite artworks:

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