Saturday, 7 January 2017

On the Catalan coast at Ametlla de Mar

Rocky coast near Ametlla de Mar 
We've moved again! Having been fairly static last winter with two campsites accounting for over three months of our winter, this season we are struggling to stay put anywhere for long. Perhaps our current halt, Camping Ametlla just outside Ametlla de Mar will be the answer?

A reasonably priced campsite, we are paying €15 per night here with our ACSI card and this includes electricity. Camping Ametlla has long-stay discounts too so staying 7 nights will mean we only pay for 6, stay 14 pay for 11, and stay 30 pay for 21! The wifi is good and just €5 a week, and we have a good shower block with excellent facilities, hot water throughout and the heating is on! So that's Dave almost happy! We have a large pitch with warm sun in the afternoons although it is often breezy up here. There is a little shop in reception and a few shelves of books to swap although most are in Dutch or Spanish! The supermarket and restaurant are closed at this time of year, but Ametlla de Mar has shops and bars.

View from the GR92 coastal path 
We almost had a disaster on arrival as the roads here are being rebuilt to provide easier access to the campsite. When confronted with an unexpected fork, we stayed on the tarmac road when, it soon turned out, we should have taken what looked like rough access to a building site! Fortunately we realised our error within a few dozen yards, but had to unhitch in order to turn around and retrace our route! If you come to Camping Ametlla, when the road peters out continue straight on over the 'dam'. (That will make sense when you see it!) Walking around later, we discovered that we could have carried on our downhill diversion, but this would have necessitated a steep uphill bend to get to the campsite which I am not sure our car would have managed whilst towing. Phew!

The big attraction for us here is the proximity of the GR92 coastal path and the Ebro delta. We encountered the GR92 last year when walking from Pratdip and have now completed a few more kilometres of it by walking into Ametlla village along its route on Thursday! The Ebro delta we believe will be good for cycling so we are looking forward to discovering its Via Verde routes in the near future!

Rocks 'glowing' in the sunset 


  1. m not a huge fan of camping myself, but you do go to all these beautiful places! I really like the view here. It looks like a beautiful coast to camp along :)

    1. It's really gorgeous here. We're so lucky to see it all.
      And we are camping in a caravan so it's a lot more civilised than being in a tent ;-)