Friday, 23 December 2016

Cycling to Saint Cyprien

Dancing at the golf club 
After being somewhat cooped up by a couple of days of perpetual drizzle it was great to get out on our bikes again yesterday afternoon. Not an epic ride, but a good two hours cycling around the back roads and voies vertes between Latour bas Elne and Saint Cyprien by way of Alenya. We didn't stumble across any unexpected Christmas Markets this time around, but I was surprised by the number of people who were also out on bikes or on foot enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. I guess several businesses must have already broken up for Christmas?

We arrived into Saint Cyprien Plage from the opposite direction to our first visit there last week and realised that the small marina and boat building area was only about half of the whole village. The reason there had seemed to be unusually few cafes and bars was because they are all just a hundred yards further on around another bend. We enjoyed a somewhat pricey coffee on the waterfront gazing out at the boats.

Saint Cyprien Plage 
We undertook our annual Lidl trip on Wednesday to stock up on German gingerbreads and lebkuchen biscuits for Christmas. Sadly they had already sold out of chocolate covered marzipan bars! It's still pretty quiet here at Camping Le Florida and we're fairly confident that there won't be a massive influx of people to the static cabins for the weekend. We just need to decide now what we shall do to celebrate on Sunday. We might get another great walk like last year!

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