Thursday, 10 April 2014

How time flies when you're not paying attention

Huss and chips at the Holiday Inn 
Back in the UK for two weeks already! We've been eating some of the meals that we missed while we were away and, in the case of Roast Chicken, discovering that they might not be as great in reality as we had remembered. Oh well! We did go for an excellent fish and chip supper at our favourite place in Eastbourne, the Holiday Inn Fish Restaurant in Carlisle Road. Dave baked a tasty steak and kidney pie last week too.

I've been back to the Devonshire Park Theatre for the first time since last year. My friend and I saw an interesting Talking Scarlet production of Terence Rattigan's In Praise Of Love (my review in the Comments) on Tuesday. George Telfer and Jo Castleton in particular put in very moving performances. Then today I found out that I've won a pair of tickets to see the Creative Cow production of She Stoops To Conquer at the end of the month. Very pleased about this as I was hoping to go anyway! 

It's not all wine and roses though. The full-time job that I was excited about in my last post has turned out to be very part-time and, as of today, I've only worked 10 hours - having walked 4 hours into Eastbourne back in order to do so. Grrr! Fortunately, apart from Monday morning, the weather has been good so at least the walks have been enjoyable. They've probably contributed to my now being able to fit into these size 14 jeans too! Yay me! I discovered Willingdon Post Office too which also houses a lovely small shop with local(ish) jams and a more unusual range of greetings cards. 

We're still doing a lot of sorting out and decluttering. This Spring cleaning bug is addictive if you avoid the actual cleaning part of it. I've been ousting more stuff via +Freegle. Dave has been mowing lawns and started on The Shed. I've put up some more +eBay auctions - I think the widget should still be showing at the end of this post. Most of the lots are DVDs, foreign language with a smattering of musicals amongst others, but I have also listed some Art. There's one lot of 15 ACEO art cards and a pair of Laura Milnor Iverson prints. Interested? Please click through! 

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