Wednesday, 22 January 2014

We have visitors!

Dave pointed out that it's well over a week since my last 'proper' blog post - he refuses to count the recipes - and therefore high time I got writing again. I guess we've just been having too much fun!
Padaria do Wini

This morning saw Dave driving to Faro airport at stupid o'clock so his daughters, who have been staying nearby in a lovely apartment for the past few days, could get their flight back to the UK. It's been great having them around and felt like a little holiday within our holiday. We took them to Lagos for a morning although not to the bookshop this time. Instead we caught a glimpse inside a completely gilt-covered little chapel while wandering the streets. Padaria do Wini did warrant a second visit, this time as a substitute for lunch. Between us we put away three slices of various cheesecakes and one honey and almond cream slice!

We also retraced our walk across the gorgeous beaches to Portimao Harbour and along the boardwalks here in Alvor. Yesterday, something new for all of us was a visit to Silves, formerly the Moorish capital city which has a stunning castle-palace at the highest point of the town. It's huge walls have been rebuilt and it is now possible to walk around part of the complex and gaze out over the surrounding countryside. The archaeological museum in town has an extensive display of finds from the local area including many pots, coins, ancient axe heads, beads and, their pride of place, a deep Moorish well which forms the centre piece of the museum. 

Not everything has been wine and roses this past week though. One of Bailey's ceiling lights finally submitted to gravity last Tuesday. The screw holes for it had only been drilled into the ceiling insulation which has gradually worn away. We had re-tightened the screws a few times previously, but this time left us with nothing to tighten them in to. I was disappointed at the manufacturer's corner cutting and sought advice from the very helpful souls on the Caravan Talk forum. Our successful solution (touch wood) was rawl plugs from the Chinese shop held in place by super glue from Pingo Doce. A section of shelf trim had also popped out so this has been glued back too.
Yellow flowers in Silves

Back to happier topics! Does anyone recognise these little flowers? The blooms are each about an each long and the plants are absolutely everywhere at the moment. I guess they are weeds but it's beautiful seeing large areas turned bright yellow along the cliffs and across waste ground. This plant had even got a foothold peeping through a high wall in Silves.

Finally, I can't remember if I've mentioned the petrol price website here in Portugal before? It's a fantastic resource for tourists and residents alike. Every petrol station in the country has to publish their petrol, diesel and LPG prices daily to a central government agency who then update Precos de Combustiveis Online accordingly. The result is that instead of potentially spending €1.41 for diesel this morning, Dave took a small detour and only paid €1.29! Why don't we have this in the UK?

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